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Interior Minister wants to radically change the image of the Russian police

Interior Minister wants to radically change the image of the Russian police Photo: news agencies reported.

Reforms in the Russian police will go in all directions, including the change in the image of law enforcement officers, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltchev.

"This reform is ongoing and will continue. 'Cause we really set ourselves the task of radical change in the image of our employees. Yeah, it's not a problem of the day" - He said in the program "Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov," excerpts of which were shown on the TV channel "Russia-24".

"I can not even tell if we can change the image of our employees this year, next year. But the fact that we ourselves are the problem set, it really is" - Quoted Kolokoltseva "Interfax".

Опубликовано:   29-04-2013, 08:00      |      Категория:  eng news

Youth Day will be celebrated in Vladivostok more than 10000 people
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June 23 in Vladivostok Central Square and the Sports Harbor Day will be celebrated youngsters. Vladivostok Youth Day will be celebrated on a grand scale Celebration promises to be the biggest in the...
Vladivostok stole nearly 2 million rubles for the Book of memory of victims of repression
2-03-2013, 08:03, eng news
During the investigation officers of the MOI of Russia for the DFO faced blatant fact cynicism and irresponsibility......
Vocalist Ty Stevens and Souljazz preparing to come in Vladivostok
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The famous singer is not the first time arrives in the capital of Primorye - his last concert was a huge success......
Three pedestrians injured in avtoavriyah in Primorye
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Three pedestrians were injured in Primorye for the day. Three pedestrians injured on the roads in the Primorye Ussuriisk suffered in an accident five-year girl. Turning right, the driver did not see...
All in all competitions at Lake Balaton participated
16-07-2013, 16:03, eng news
All in all competitions at Lake Balaton participated 375 athletes from 47 countries. In the entire regatta organizers managed to spend 4 qualifying race, then the final 4 girls and 3 final...
Mother of six children does not pay child support
2-08-2013, 15:31, eng news
In the Kirov district of Primorye 29-year-old mother of six does not consider it necessary to provide them with at least the essentials things. Mathieu six children did not consider it necessary to...
New footpaths of colored brick
13-08-2013, 11:48, eng news
New footpaths of colored brick pavers, semi-circular zones for shops - all of this is clearly visible in the new park on the street Borisenko (near the turn to sport). Here is a reconstruction of a...
In Primorye, because frivolity adults crashed in an accident a little girl
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Traffic police Primorye calls for prudent behavior on the roads. (PHOTOS)......
For failure to comply with safety requirements - large fines
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Transport Prosecutor's Office in Nakhodka asked the court to prohibit the operation of hazardous production facilities. Found that "Livadia Repair Shipyard" uses, hoisting machines end of life....
Bankruptcy Primorsky pharmacy will not affect the medication to
26-03-2013, 17:40, eng news
beneficiaries. Vice Governor Irina Vasilkova instructed to make sure that the opportunity to purchase drugs is at all inhabitants of the region......

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