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Vladivostok began preparation for the Days of Latin America

Vladivostok began preparation for the Days of Latin America

In Vladivostok City Hall began preparations for the series of events in the Days of Latin America. It is planned that the Latin American cultural festival held in the capital of Primorye in August.

Vladivostok residents and visitors expect an exhibition of photographs and paintings, film, dance workshops, tasting local food, concerts of vocal and dance groups from Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and other countries.

Recall that the days of Latin America was held in 2012 at the initiative of Igor Pushkarev, the idea of such a festival occurred the year before, when Vladivostok visited by ambassadors of several Latin American countries - Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Peru. While touring with our city and meeting with the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev diplomats expressed the desire to expand economic and humanitarian contacts in their countries with the capital of Primorye.

In July 2012 the idea became a practical embodiment. From 4 to 7 July Vladivostok became a center of culture in Latin America. Vladivostok visited ambassadors and embassy staff immediately twelve Latin American countries in the Russian Federation. Representative of the "landing" of diplomats from Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, and the delegations of Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba and Panama have not had in the whole stories of Vladivostok.

These days in the Maritime State Museum named V.K.Arseneva, Primorsky Philharmonic, Far Eastern State Academy of Art, Modern Art Gallery "Arka" and the movies "Ocean", the exhibition of paintings, photographs, video installations, concerts were singers and dancers, workshops, held a lecture on the life and work of famous Latin American writers, enjoyed particular success kinokazy. By the way, the entrance to all events in the Days of Latin America in Vladivostok was free.

The sports waterfront was deployed real Latin American "village". There were special pavilions and playgrounds, where are five areas of Latin American culture. Music, dance, ethnic cuisine, visual arts, film and crafts presented by delegations from Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Cuba, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Panama. Latin flavor village gave constantly sounding music and dances performed by guitarists from Colombia, Cuban artists, tanguero from Argentina, Mexican singers. Days ended Latin America bright gala concert. During the concert, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic in the Russian Federation, Jorge Luis Perez Alvarado - dean of Latin America and the Caribbean in Russia - thanked Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev for the festival. Jorge Luis Perez Alvarado said that the days of Latin America in Vladivostok are not only a day of cultural exchange, but also help to develop and strengthen diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and the countries of Latin America.

Igor Pushkarev said vladivostoktsev interest to Latin American culture is very high and decided to hold similar events in 2013 increasing the number of sites, inviting more artists, musicians, dancers and DJs.

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