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Vladivostok started "Youth Resource Center"

Vladivostok started \"Youth Resource Center\"

The new institution, created at the initiative of Igor Pushkarev, to actively involve children and young people in socially useful things, to attach them to the sport and art.

The basis of the team were former "street educators" who for the past year have worked well as an experiment in the Leninsky district of Vladivostok. Now, this work will be extended to all areas of the regional center.

"Our center will conduct individual preventive work with juveniles on the registry in the organs of prevention, as well as children from families at risk, - The director of the youth resource center Andrei Volkov - This work will take place in close cooperation with the authorities to identify the system of prevention and assistance to young people in difficult situations. "

In the first month of its operation center's specialists have already met with leaders and experts in the educational work of educational institutions of Vladivostok, define a joint action plan with the regional commissions on juvenile institutions of social protection. In the view of experts of the center and the students were also night schools and vocational schools. Already been held and the first classes in schools to prevent bad habits and tolerance. Wards the center became participants educational trips to the regional museum named after Arsenyev, visited the city holiday on February 23 and at the game of urban school league of KVN.

"Our associates are already active youth associations, including, and volunteers - Andrey Volkov. - Together we are implementing a number of socially useful actions. We will involve the wards to environmental activities, sports, creative competitions. It is important for children, many of them simply do not know where to apply their own resources and skills to realize their necessity, had the opportunity to open an account with their good works. And on a personal example to show peers that social activity, healthy lifestyle - this is the best choice for today's youth. "

Опубликовано:   6-03-2013, 06:34      |      Категория:  eng news

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