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Spilling mercury eliminated in the school - boarding in Vladivostok

In a special remedial school - boarding school № 1 in the capital of Primorye Today the specialists of "Primtekhnopolis." They came to the institution of a wake up call - at school spilled mercury.

Spilling mercury eliminated in the school - boarding in Vladivostok

At school - boarding Vladivostok spilled mercury

Mercury contamination found in many areas of the building, the maximum allowable concentration increased from 3 to 11 times. Staff and students are not able to explain how there was an emergency.

Children live and learn in the room all the time, with this in mind, the experts of "Primtekhnopolis" promptly cleared it. Were evacuated for more than forty students, now they are back in the building.

Опубликовано:   1-03-2013, 08:00      |      Категория:  eng news

Was killed 1 person. In extinguishing were involved 87 people
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Russia may set up permanent squadron in the Pacific and Indian Oceans
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Seaside GUFSIN grows
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The program includes measures to increase production of clothing, metal, wood, agricultural and other products......
In Nakhodka mother, spending time in good company, lost a child
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Also, in the region there were 12 fires. On
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Also, in the region there were 12 fires. On extinguishing fires were involved 80 personnel and 25 vehicles. According to the Department of Forestry of Primorsky Krai, forest fires in the region no....
Rights of coastal sailors defended prosecutors
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As reported in the administration of Nakhodka city
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In Vladivostok, the town built a new hospital
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Primorsky Territory Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky held a meeting on the construction of the hospital campus in Vladivostok. It will be located in the second stream. The new hospital will be in town...
Despite the danger, Vladivostok fishermen continue to fish until April
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Lovers of ice fishing going on and go out on the ice, despite treading warming......

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