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From 27 to 29 August in Vladivostok will host the next

From 27 to 29 August in Vladivostok will host the next From 27 to 29 August in Vladivostok will host the next program of short films Kinematic Shorts. Among the six selected films only new, marked the festival's award-winning work of young filmmakers from Europe and the USA. The company is the third project TreeFilms short film Kinematic Shorts. Our heroes are looking for the meaning of life, make mistakes, fall in love and get into the absurd situation where only a miracle can save. The project Kinematic Shorts 3 provides not only an opportunity to evaluate the filmmaking techniques used by filmmakers from different countries, but also represents a veritable encyclopedia of comic genres, from absurd comedy to full-thriller from the romantic stories of Wales before serving Belgian black humor. 83 minutes of laughter in a variety of forms - miss the sessions Kinematic Shorts 3 just do not have. DOG LIFE DOGHOUSE Morgan Bush, Ireland, 2012 | 17 min | Comedy Doug bad day: he is so broke and on the verge of eviction from her home, so also the ex-wife asks to spend the day with her son Billy, simultaneously get rid of the dog, which for Billy - a true friend IMPORTANT - DO NOT overdo THE IMPORTNACE OF SWEET AND SALT Benoit de Clare, Belgium, 2012 | 13 min | drama, comedy tragicomedy on the brink of madness. Internal struggle with himself and courageous attempt to be free. What will be the price of new-found happiness? Takes off? WALK OR FLY Jasper Warren, UK, 2012 | 923 m | Comedy Ever since his father died in military service, Mark does not remove the superhero costume, and called on all to do good, causing ridicule and contempt hails his classmates. What could change his life? Of course, my first love. HORRIBLE PENNY PENNY DREADFUL Shane Atkinson, United States, 2012 | 17 min | comedy, thriller Good girl Penny But is it good? Baby is capable of much, when hungry. It terrifies even hardened gangsters who decide to kidnap her from the doorway of the school. But things did not go as planned European hospitality BUUMES Martin Guggisberg, Switzerland, 2012 | 18 min | Comedy European hospitality knows no bounds. Invited to dinner welcoming neighbors, the couple had not expected that guests so zasiditsya. Is it proper to ask them to leave? FORGET ABOUT EVERYTHING AND DANCE! SANO KIITOS JA TANSSI Antti Heikki person, Finland, 2012 | 8 min | Comedy Harry hates his job at the factory. One day he comes to the interview unemployed vagabond, who confounds all the cards, and now Harry is responsible for the absurd questions that force him to change many things in my life. The overall length - 83 minutes. In the original language with Russian subtitles. Advance ticket sales - a chain of movie theaters "Illusion" on August 1.

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Spring burns are not safe for the residents of Vladivostok - Emergency
23-04-2013, 21:10, eng news
In Primorye, already recorded the first forest fires, and rescue officers warn ordinary burns on the hills of Vladivostok, too, can mess things up a lot of trouble. (PHOTOS)......
A resident of Primorye, a suspect in the illegal cultivation of cannabis, has died in a car police
22-08-2013, 13:01, eng news
A resident of the village of East Dalnerechensk area suspected of illicit cultivation of plants containing narcotic drugs, died on Wednesday in a police car. The man was taken to the police...
Victory for the governor and the head of Primorye Vladivostok will work together
5-04-2013, 04:30, eng news
Preparing Primorye Victory Day showed that the city and the edge of working together......
Message from residents of the street Skipper Gek Vladivostok taken to the deputy's control
3-06-2013, 16:41, eng news
On behalf of the Chairman of the Duma of Vladivostok Helena Novitskoj adviser to the chairman Sergey Toporkov held a reception of citizens on personal matters. Message from Vladivostok residents...
Vladivostok continues,
24-04-2013, 16:10, eng news
With the support of the Youth Vladivostok administration, student council Maritime Polytechnic College and the regional branch of the seaside "Russian student groups" in the city is an action "Shell...
1-03-2013, 11:38, eng news
"Spartak-Primorye-2" is the closest pursuer "Yenisei-2" in the youth championship......
Vladivostok started assembling Mazda
13-04-2013, 11:00, eng news
Enterprise producing Mazda opened in Vladivostok in September 2012 and the agreement on the organization of Sollers and Japanese company signed last April......
To celebrate the birthday of the city are prepared and ordinary
4-07-2013, 07:30, eng news
To celebrate the birthday of the city are prepared and ordinary people: young people decided to make the city a unique gift, having painted a ladder near the main post office. As has informed the...
ARIES will feel the undeniable success in your personal life.
24-06-2013, 12:31, eng news
ARIES will feel the undeniable success in your personal life. You will be able to try their chances in all spheres. Can even a complete change of affections. Undoubtedly ease in learning foreign...
More than 100 employees of the Primorsky branch of OJSC
8-07-2013, 23:49, eng news
More than 100 employees of the Primorsky branch of OJSC "Sberbank of Russia" took part in a grand flash mob "I love Beijing" on the Golden Bridge. Employees of the bank, as well as thousands...

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