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6000000 of debt sought bailiffs in Nakhodka

Employees fishing company "Nemusko" in Nakhodka got paid only after a critical situation came the bailiffs.

6000000 of debt sought bailiffs in Nakhodka

Police officers helped get paid to fishermen

In the city department bailiffs were 40 enforcement proceedings, the total arrears amounted to 5 million 854 thousand rubles.

The organization of the debtor did not consider it necessary to pay off debt, and bailiffs arrested ship, after the sale of which was partly repay debt.

But after that traders continued to evade the payment of the remaining debt. In this regard, the decision was made to arrest the shore facility and land for the dock cost about two million rubles.

Seized property is ready for sale, and only after that fishing organizations voluntarily paid the remaining 2.4 million rubles and 600000 rubles for the Performing collection - said the press service VestiRegion.ru UFSSP Russia for the Primorye Territory.

6000000 of debt sought bailiffs in Nakhodka

Опубликовано:   3-09-2013, 15:45      |      Категория:  eng news

Debtors for electricity paid more than 22 million rubles in the first quarter of 2013
23-04-2013, 12:20, eng news
From the beginning, the courts have the edge around 6000 for enforcement of decisions on individuals total debt of 40 million rubles in favor of "Dalenergosbyt." Debtors for electricity for 3 months...
More and more injured on the railroad in Primorye
28-03-2013, 06:20, eng news
The main reason for the growth of non-industrial injuries - a violation of security measures......
September 6th in the regional rehabilitation center
5-09-2013, 11:46, eng news
September 6th in the regional rehabilitation center "Sail of Hope" will be held in Vladivostok opening ceremony avtogorodka and AVTOKLASS. As the correspondent of RIA «VladNews» in the Department of...
As reported RIA Novosti, the new law
1-09-2013, 15:16, eng news
As reported RIA Novosti, the new law "On Education in the Russian Federation", intended to replace the two basic law - "On Education" (1992) and "On Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education"...
North Korea has stopped preparing to launch rockets
1-05-2013, 14:00, eng news
Preparing for missile launches in North Korea has begun on the background of another escalation of the situation on the Korean peninsula caused by the testing of nuclear weapons in North Korea and...
Go to Guam and rest there for a week for the Far East will be able to 30000 rubles
12-07-2013, 15:30, eng news
Tours on Guam, the Philippine Islands, and even in Bangkok will be available in a week......
Mother-in Primorye cuckoo does not know where her children appear
13-06-2013, 21:31, eng news
Bailiffs in the Kirov region of Primorsky Territory for five months trying to recover from a negligent mother alimony 130000 rubles in favor of her year-old child. The lady has lost her parental...
The reports coming out of the MES in the Khabarovsk region,
5-09-2013, 18:15, eng news
The reports coming out of the MES in the Khabarovsk region, reminiscent of the front-line: As of September 52013 in the Khabarovsk region was under the influence of floods 65 villages in seven...
Today, mom and baby are doing well. According
10-08-2013, 20:33, eng news
Today, mom and baby are doing well. As experts giving birth mom went according to plan by Caesarean section. Boy, now that parents pick a name - the first child in the family. "The fruit of the...
China lost due to bird flu, $ 6.5 billion
21-05-2013, 09:20, eng news
Because of the flu "Eych7-En9" China since late March loses an average of one billion yuan a day: demand has fallen for chicken meat......

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