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6000000 of debt sought bailiffs in Nakhodka

Employees fishing company "Nemusko" in Nakhodka got paid only after a critical situation came the bailiffs.

6000000 of debt sought bailiffs in Nakhodka

Police officers helped get paid to fishermen

In the city department bailiffs were 40 enforcement proceedings, the total arrears amounted to 5 million 854 thousand rubles.

The organization of the debtor did not consider it necessary to pay off debt, and bailiffs arrested ship, after the sale of which was partly repay debt.

But after that traders continued to evade the payment of the remaining debt. In this regard, the decision was made to arrest the shore facility and land for the dock cost about two million rubles.

Seized property is ready for sale, and only after that fishing organizations voluntarily paid the remaining 2.4 million rubles and 600000 rubles for the Performing collection - said the press service VestiRegion.ru UFSSP Russia for the Primorye Territory.

6000000 of debt sought bailiffs in Nakhodka

Опубликовано:   3-09-2013, 15:45      |      Категория:  eng news

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