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It happened on the night of 1 to 2 August. An officer of one

It happened on the night of 1 to 2 August. An officer of one It happened on the night of 1 to 2 August. An officer of a military unit stationed in Banevurovo, completed the evening of the day working on the adoption of the chest. Maybe it was a reason - they say he has recently had a daughter. But what happened next is hard to explain such a joyous occasion. Captain -already tipsy - decided to test the unit entrusted to him. Going into the barracks, where the soldiers were sleeping, he found a reason to show their power: an ordinary jacket Belozerova, in his opinion, was hanged too neatly. Picking up a guy with a bed, two strikes officer broke his jaw soldier - a double comminuted fracture. Waking up in the morning, an officer must have realized that a few too far with education, and unbeknownst to his superiors had brought Misha in Ussuriysk, which showed the guy under a fictitious nameskilled in one of the private clinics. Then again, the soldier returned to the part where he was hiding it from prying eyes, not allowing him to communicate with his family. As a soldier brought food and milk broth "Maggie" that Misha was drinking from the tube. The guy's an inflammation and fever. On the night of August 6 soldiers brought Misha Belozerova phone and he sent SMSku mom to Vladivostok. By and large, it's great luck - the guy saved his life, because at that time it was not the firstDay temperature was 40. Victoria Belozerova immediately went in part to his son, while she did not hope for a miracle, and wrote a letter to the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers, visited the Military Prosecutor's Office in Vladivostok (where she was told that the matter should deal with prosecutors Ussuri region) and reported the incident to the funds media. Unfortunately, in Russia today can not be otherwise, do not pick the hype - you will achieve nothing. The command part was amazed, according to a soldiermother, her visit. Misha immediately found. He felt awful, looked even worse. The command of the woman assured that the soldiers "soon" be transferred to the hospital and there are invite representatives of the prosecutor. This "soon" come very soon, because in a situation - because the media gave the case publicized - intervened high ranks of the army headquarters. Michael Belozyorov was sent to the hospital. But - During the day - told Victoria Belozerova - he, in fact, was just lying in the ward. No treatment was given. It was only after intervened Yuri Tarlavin, chairman of Primorye Russian trade union organizations servicemen Misha photos were taken, brought experts (in the hospital is not the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery) received treatment. He began stabbing antibiotics, physiotherapy conduct, have appointed a diet - started giving pureed food. Temperature dropped, the inflammation stopped. Unfortunately, now it is very difficult to tell whether a concussion, as Mike got to the hospital a week after the injury. Victoria used to take pictures of Misha for consultation with another clinic. She was told that in this case, comminuted fracture - it is good luck, because the jaw into place and began to coalesce (displaced fracture would have been a much worse outcome). It is only necessary to bring the treatment to the end. - I could not leave this case without attention - said Yuri Tarlavin - because the main thing that cured the guy that this case did not affect his future (Misha semester I studied theater in high school in Novosibirsk, but then decided not to associate their lives with acting and returned home, where he was drafted into the army ranks. - Comm. aut.). I called the deputy district commander for educational work, and asked to check the guy to get professional help. We have excellent specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, if necessary - will achieve transfer of soldiers in hospitals in these cities. I will follow the development of events. In the part where he served Misha Belozyorov and where he served as zealous to "study soldiers' captain, the military prosecutor's office checks. From unofficial sources, we know that the captain and M. Sergeant, who let a drunk officer in the barracks, to the extent not appear. Also, there is anecdotal evidence that this way to teach subordinates the captain not the first time. He allegedly even sober warning conscripts: drunk in my eyes better not get caught. - But do not get hysterical, which are prone to some of the media, saying that we give your children, and you maim them, - said Yuri Tarlavin. - Yes, the case is terrible, but it does not make forecasts in today's Army. I think that will be a large-scale test is likely to be disbanded and part dosluzhivat Michael Belozyorov will be in a different division. Today, both the public and the mother of Misha concerned two issues: to bring to a successful treatment for a Man finals and get to Captain M. got what he deserved. "B" and other media are going to keep the situation in the zone of attention, especially since the family BELOZEROVA - a longtime friend of the newspaper "Vladivostok". We have written several times about them, first in the mid-90s, when there were a novelty wealthy, successful people who are consciously choosing to have a big family. Misha Belozyorov - the second of five children of Victoria and George BELOZEROVA. Then we wrote about the elder brother Misha - Daniel, who became a soloist of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre and danced at the opening of the Olympics in Vancouver in the corps de ballet with Nikolai Tsiskaridze. And then Mike hit the pages of the "B" - as keyboardist teenage rock band that was created in the Primorye Philharmonic. Children from families BELOZEROVA - good, smart, educated boys. Mike decided that he must serve in the army. In May, he was drafted and did not mow (Michael took an active part in the organization of the event "The Immortal Regiment" on May 9 and considered military service compulsory for real men). And what is the result? Young soldiers of all - in a few months ogreb of international armed forces, as they say, to the fullest. And more. We will not specify who, but someone said Victoria Belozerova the day of her first arrival in part: "Here you apply to the prosecutor and ruined the life of a young officer." Young officer in this case did not require foreign assistance. His life, he broke himself. When allowed himself to drink on duty. When drunk did not go home, and in part. When hitting the soldier. Each of these actions, he racked his life. And diligently. PSKogda number was imposed, it was announced that Michael Belozyorov sent to the passage of the full medical examination. The question of his transfer to a hospital in Khabarovsk.

Love Berchanskaya, the newspaper "Vladivostok"

Опубликовано:   13-08-2013, 11:48      |      Категория:  eng news

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