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In Primorye State program "Promotion of

In Primorye State program "Promotion of In Primorye State program "Promotion of Employment of Primorsky Territory for 2013-2017" will be amended. They relate to the possibility of training seniors wishing to pursue a career. As RIA «VladNews» the press service of the Department of Labour and Social Development, it is planned that the program in 201450 seniors will be able to get new skills or improve their skills. According to the Department of Labor and Social Protection of edges similar to the changes made to the Federal Law "On Employment in the Russian Federation." With their adoption of the bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation had the opportunity to organize vocational training, retraining and advanced training of the unemployed, but who wish to pursue career retirees. Employment services will give direction to further education or training in occupations that are in demand in the labor market in the region. For retirees who want to learn new skills in other areas (in the region) will be provided with financial support. This is the money to pay for the cost of travel to the place of training and back, per diem expenses during their journey to their training and back pay for accommodation for the duration of training. The fact that this activity is employment services highly demanded in Primorye, say the results of a sample survey conducted by experts in 2012. It was attended by 2735 Primorye retirement (two years prior to retirement), and the retirement age. The acquisition task - determining the needs of this category in vocational training for the continuation of work Analysis of the results showed that out of the total number of respondents, 55.0% have a professional education, of which the largest number of people with secondary vocational education. At the time of the survey 98.9% of respondents did not work, but 54.4% of respondents (1487 people) would like to find a job. 73.9% of people would like to find a job with a salary of more than 10.0 thousand. 7.3% of respondents (200 people) have expressed willingness to undergo training or to improve their skills. Meanwhile, during the first half of 2013 the employment centers of Primorye addressed nearly 1800 people approaching retirement age. Almost every specialists have proforintatsionnuyu job, more than 150 people received psychological support services and social adaptation. 43 applicant sent for training.

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In the village of Transfiguration Lazo district because of the threat
18-07-2013, 11:46, eng news
In the village of Lazo District Transformation due to flood threat police organized the evacuation of people from the summer camp "Young fisherman." 51 children and 9 members of the working staff...
Hermitage staff are considering options for building a branch of the museum in Vladivostok
17-07-2013, 19:31, eng news
Experts from the Hermitage considering options for buildings to house a branch of the famous museum in Vladivostok. Branch of the Hermitage can appear in Vladivostok One suggestion - a mansion on the...
The Supervisory Board of Sberbank approved the candidacy of
7-06-2013, 12:46, eng news
The Supervisory Board of Sberbank approved the nomination of Maxim Poletayev the post of first Deputy Chairman of Sberbank. Key features Maxim Poletayev in a new post should become the supervision of...
Be at the right time in the right place is sometimes
17-07-2013, 13:34, eng news
Be at the right time in the right place is sometimes very important. As RIA «VladNews» in the press service of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia Primorsky Krai, recently took the next story. By...
In the capital of Primorye small and medium enterprises is subsidized
25-06-2013, 21:30, eng news
In Vladivostok, in the framework of the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the years 2013 -2015 entrepreneurs receive subsidies. For these purposes in the city budget for the current...
«Truly enlightened person never fights» --
1-07-2013, 16:31, eng news
«Truly enlightened person never fights» -- this is the wisdom of the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu quoted the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky territory Victor Gorchakov,...
The first day of September 2013 was rich in
2-09-2013, 18:17, eng news
The first day of September 2013 was rich in fatal accidents: this shows a summary of the accident the traffic police of Primorsky Krai. Car accident, which killed two people, took place near the s....
Igor Pushkarev instructed to organize effective public control over the housing sector
28-03-2013, 12:00, eng news
The mayor discussed the issue of equipping the participants houses obschedomovyh metered and set the task to tighten control over the public housing sector......
Primorsky Regional Puppet Theatre will begin a new season of unusually
19-09-2013, 01:04, eng news
Primorsky Regional Puppet Theatre will begin a new season of unusual - with a theatrical presentation - a presentation to be held on September 28 at 11 am on the steps of the theater (St. Peter the...
Debtor in Primorye no luck with neighbor
10-07-2013, 21:01, eng news
In October district court bailiffs long to find a man to avoid paying child support a minor child. The debtor failed to Primorye chosen neighbor He regularly changed his place of residence, avoiding...

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