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Today the press-service of Department of internal Affairs of Russia

Today the press-service of Department of internal Affairs of Russia Today the press-service of Department of internal Affairs of Russia for the Primorsky Krai is an independent Department in the state which 10 employees. Head of the Department of information and public relations Syrov Irina Vladimirovna. At the origins of the current press service stood Bolotin Alina Semenovna. In 1968 she joined protection administration order (which is so used to be called today's Ministry of internal Affairs) to the post of Deputy editor-in-chief of the departmental newspaper «For perfect service». While in the newspaper edition of the technical equipment were only a camera and a typewriter. Despite this, every room is always верстался in time: weekly newspaper were presented a variety of materials. In 1970 after the abolition of the newspaper, Alina Semenovna went into service in bodies of internal Affairs, where she held the position of instructor and then the instructor for special assignments of the political-educational work (since 1983 - the political section). The functional responsibilities included agitation-propaganda activities, but the main focus was the organization of interaction with mass media in order to promote police professions and staff education. Alina Semenovna, with eight years of journalistic experience, has developed close cooperation with the representatives of all city and regional Newspapers, radio and television. Development of joint plans of publications, organization of freelance councils at editorial offices, press conferences and round tables for representatives of the mass media - all this in those years Alina Semenovna worked on one, with modern facilities such as computer, Internet, Fax and even without the company car. Alina Semenovna cooperated with the editorial staff and youth, and women, and even agricultural publications, editors who are placed in their media prepared by police press releases, even allocated under the «police» the publication of the whole band. In addition to working with the media before Alina Семеновной Болотиной stood a very difficult task - to attract the police to actively cooperate with journalists. She regularly appeared before the personal composition of the workshops and classes held meetings police with journalists and writers. In promotion of the activity of employees of internal Affairs was used and cinema. In the 70s - 90s films about the work of the police and the fire was shot not much, but the films were distinguished by high artistic level. The film brought the audience to respect the law, people who stand on its protection. This was the film «the last day» - about the downfall of the precinct on the last day of service, before you leave on the deserved rest. In the cinema «Ussuri» arranged public viewings of this film, after which all spectators participated in the discussion of what he saw. During these presentations the visitors of cinema were heads and employees of the coastal police. The Ministry of internal Affairs in those years has repeatedly noted the positive work of the UVD of the Primorsky Krai in the sphere of interaction with the media. Vladivostok has become a center for holding seminars for political workers of Siberia and Far East on optimization of cooperation with mass media. Personally Alina Семеновне had the opportunity to share best practices with colleagues at seminars in Chisinau, Leningrad, Omsk. Thus, for the last thirty years of service in the bodies of internal Affairs Alina S. Bolotin performed the function of the whole press service. Officially, these responsibilities have been assigned to it only in July 1992 after the dissolution of the political section and create a service of personal staff. Alina Semenovna then was appointed head of the Department for mass media Department of educational work. Then the Department was transferred Fedor I. Asalkhanov. Behind it secured the first selected on the Department of the camera. In different years the Department staff: Fedor Asalkhanov, George Kulakov, Vladimir Gardens went to business trips, working in the temporary press centre of the joint grouping of troops of the interior Ministry of Russia in the Chechen Republic. Today the press-service of Department of internal Affairs of Russia for the Primorsky Krai is an independent Department in the state which 10 employees. Head of the Department of information and public relations Syrov Irina Vladimirovna. According to the petition Irina Vladimirovna practically in all cities and areas of the Primorye territory has appointed staff responsible for interaction with the media and the public, allowing to optimize the activities of units of information.

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