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Do residents of Vladivostok kilogram of heroin seized

Narkopolitseyskie of Vladivostok blocked the major channel of delivery of heroin from the Caucasus.

Do residents of Vladivostok kilogram of heroin seized

A large batch of drugs detained in Vladivostok

The final stage of the operation took place in the street Krygin. If you try to sell large quantities of drugs, arrested a woman born in 1961 - said the press service of the VestiRegion.ru UFSKN Primorye . The very next day, according to the detected during the search of the ticket, she had to fly to Central Russia.

During the search of the apartment found a lot of criminals hiding places, a total of 800 grams of heroin hidden, and only during the operation seized about a kilogram.

Experts noted the high concentration of heroin seized. In this concentration of the so-called "street" heroin is never sold, its use after the "street" often leads to "overdose" and death.

Obviously, this shipment of heroin has not been diluted with all sorts of additives, after which the weight of the heroin was to increase significantly. Currently, according to the criminal case. The investigation is ongoing.

Do residents of Vladivostok kilogram of heroin seized

Опубликовано:   4-09-2013, 15:31      |      Категория:  eng news

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