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As RIA "Novosti", project documentation

As RIA "Novosti", project documentation As RIA "Novosti", project documentation cosmodrome "East", the construction of which began in the Amur region more than a year ago, still has not passed the state examination, said in an interview with RIA Novosti deputy "Spetsstroy Russia" Alexander Gagarin. "State examination of the project is not over yet, so we issued drawings, and we are working on them. We hope that this work will soon be completed, and Roskosmos will give us a complete set of design documents ", - said Gagarin. According to him, the documentation prepared in the amount of about 95 percent of the required. "As the documentation available in time, there was slippage. Naturally, Roscosmos, as a customer, now reports that almost all the documentation handed over, and now it's up to the builders, but for issuance of this documentation should have come to us a year ago, "- said the deputy head of the" Russian Special Construction. " Meanwhile AmurInfo talks about another strange situation related to the cosmodrome "East". The deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Amur prepared formal appeal the Minister of Economic Development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev. The reason for this was the concern of deputies situation created with the construction of the cosmodrome "East". In their opinion, it is the construction of large-scale project does not bring the desired effect on the economy of the Amur region, and the regional government can not establish a constructive relationship with the company "Dalspetsstroy", which is working. MPs asked to place at the Baikonur East Glaucus Spetsstroy Russia. "The volume of supply for the needs of the facility manufactured by companies of products is extremely low. As of June 1 machine-building enterprises of the contractor placed orders for a total amount of 100 million rubles, which is well below the capacity of regional enterprises, "- the statement says. Also Amur MPs do not like the fact that the decision on hiring for the construction of the cosmodrome formed in Khabarovsk. It does not allow the Amur authorities to quickly solve the issues of employment of the population. Hiring amurchan is a residual. The address data indicated that of the four thousand people work in the construction of the East only 1.4 thousand - amurchane. 53% of employees at the facility pay tax on personal income in the budget of the Amur region, the others - the place of registration of the enterprise as decorated as seconded. The situation is similar for the transportation tax: impressive part is paid out of the area as 300 units of road-building equipment, "Dalspetsstroya" was registered at the place of registration. "When you deploy a full-scale civil works for the effective use of the allocated budget for the construction with the assistance of regional resources, labor, and increase the revenue of the consolidated budget of the region to decide on placement at the Baikonur East Glaucus Spetsstroy Russia" - written in circulation Amur deputies. In general, anyway, the spaceport is not yet built, and with it is the problem

Ivan the Terrible, RIA «VladNews»

Опубликовано:   4-09-2013, 01:47      |      Категория:  eng news

As the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Primorsky UGIBDD
26-07-2013, 19:00, eng news
As the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGIBDD in Primorsky Krai, in Lesozavodsk city district near the station Ruzhino on 401 km of highway M-60 on the reconstructed section of the...
From July 3 to July 8 were organized search for men
10-07-2013, 14:34, eng news
From July 3 to July 8 were organized by local men search for the population and the police. The search yielded no results. July 9 Anuchinsky district of Primorsky Krai ubyla group of rescuers...
Business regatta of
23-05-2013, 17:20, eng news
The business regatta 8 teams took part, all of them - representatives of the largest organizations in Vladivostok, none was a professional athlete, many of them for the first time took part in the...
More than 10 bands will perform at the international festival in Vladivostok
13-05-2013, 10:20, eng news
In the city administration decided to hold an international festival of brass bands. Idea was supported by the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev......
Maritime schools are moving to electronic journals and magazines
17-06-2013, 14:31, eng news
In Primorye, continue to create a single information space in the education system. In Primorye, introduced electronic diaries and journals from September 1 this year, electronic diaries and journals...
46-year-old head of the firm, who was in the operational
10-07-2013, 14:31, eng news
46-year-old head of the firm, who was in Operative Intelligence detained by the Department of Economic Security and Anti Corruption city police. Employees of the department of economic security and...
During August and September this year in the Maritime
11-09-2013, 12:12, eng news
During August and September this year in the Primorsky Territory gradually falling food potato shipments from China. In September, compared with the beginning of August, the volume of shipments fell...
The history of this judgment, the announcement July 52013
8-07-2013, 23:48, eng news
The history of this judgment, the announcement July 52013 in Primorsky Krai court may be instructive for those who want to quickly and sportingly time to earn a lot of money. July 5th judge Primorsky...
Today, after long flights and journeys, in the Theater
23-07-2013, 22:16, eng news
Today, after long flights and journeys, in the Theater square of Vladivostok landed at the amphitheater monument to Vladimir Vysotsky. The iconic musician is ready to accept residents. "At this point...
CPS suspended the sushi bar
26-08-2013, 16:01, eng news
As a result of an unscheduled inspection carried out at the sushi bar "Tokyo" (LLC "Fusion"), located at the address. Svetlanskaya 183B, officers found a number of violations of Epidemiology. The...

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