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Flooding in the Far East, destroyed nearly 600000 hectares of farmland

10 billion rubles - a preliminary amount of damage to agriculture in the Far East by the floods.

Flooding in the Far East, destroyed nearly 600000 hectares of farmland

600000 hectares of land in the Far East went under water

This figure at a meeting on flood disaster announced Agriculture Minister Nikolai Fyodorov. 592.4 destroyed thousands of hectares of crops.

Vladimir Putin instructed offset huge losses as soon as possible. October 15 affected areas should receive subsidies for reimbursement of farmers, moreover, must be provided additional support for the restoration of flooded fields. It is also about the seeds, fuel and fertilizer.

The meeting discussed and that should solve the problems with reimbursement rates for rail transportation in the affected areas. And, above all, commodities such as coal, building materials, potatoes and other vegetables.

Flooding in the Far East, destroyed nearly 600000 hectares of farmland

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In this Sunday, July 28 at the bar «Rock's» will address the creative duo «Pozapchela». «Pozapchela» - is the new musical project of two friends, Ivan Gritskevich (guitar) and Alexandra Spring...
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coupons. April 13 at 1400 in the administration building of the city of Vladivostok (Ocean Avenue, 20 Assembly Hall) will be the next lesson school "house manager."......
Penalties for shortchanging customers want and bodykit increased fivefold
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Counting and obveshivanie visitors by private entrepreneurs would be punishable by a fine of up to 100 thousand rubles instead of two thousand......
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In May 2008 the criminal activities of an organized group was stopped by law enforcement officers......
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Children's Day in Vladivostok will be a parade, procession
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July 15 Odintsovo began the first summer training camp HC "Admiral. Just the location of the team are now more than 30 players, some of them engaged in the collection at the viewing conditions...
Chapter Vladivostok chose to sketch a unique monument to Vladimir Vysotsky
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The monument will be installed on the donations of fans Vysotsky, a contribution made himself Igor Pushkarev. (PHOTOS)......

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