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On the Anniversary of the APEC summit in Vladivostok Pacific

On the Anniversary of the APEC summit in Vladivostok Pacific

On the Anniversary of the APEC summit in Vladivostok Pacific Publishing "Frontier", more than 20 years, specializing[br> eesya on the literature predominantly[br> in the genre of "non-fikshen", at the initiative of the mayor and creative interaction with the administration released a unique book - a great album "Vladivostok - the way the event."

The project involved 20[br> Vladivostok. x photographers, among them recognized masters Kozlov, Yuri Maltsev, and others, as well as talented young people in the face Smityuk Yu, A. Khitrova, Orlov, N. Sidorov and others well known to regulars blogosphere. They provided 393 images spread over 304 pages, due to the specific dimensions of the publication gives the reader a distinct sense of presence. Some page spreads have a length of five feet. Meaningful scientific hudozhes[br> idents constructing[br> e was made famous maritime historian and anthropologist, a leading researcher Palo V. Sokolov.

The principal difference between this album from other attempts to "hot" lighting of the historic Great Construction of 2008-2012. lies in its kontseptualnos[br> tee. Wonderful edition of "Russian Bridge" and "bridge-builder[br> and ", which was published back in 2012 led his story predominantly[br> from the standpoint of companies Genpo[br> dryadchikov who built separate entities. The album also publishing "Frontier", carefully builds on the achievements of colleagues in seven sections, described not only really visible on the 40-minute route from the international airport on the island of Russian, but also all of the major episodes of the five-year construction, to some extent influenced on the minds of vladivostoktsev[br> . The narrative is like a close-range typical for business reports, local history narratives and lyrical digressions, and from a position of prospects for the future, the outlines of which have been identified at the APEC summit in 2012

The reader is not glamorous-open[br> exact image of Vladivostok, and disclosure of his role as the leading edge of the large space and time, where solve the global problems of the present and experience comes Delaney stories. The fact that the common people watched almost "peripheral vision" on the way to and from work, going back to her, now collected into a coherent picture that helps comprehension.

According to the publishers, the album has to act as a mirror, allowing citizens to see what the special implicit knowledge about the place, which is not only a treasure vladivostoktsev[br> But their main intangible asset. The overriding need is a publication - in power and encourage community interest in the management of the city as a way of knowledge of this type. The album, published by the proposed "Frontier", is intended to serve as a tool for creating a conscious identity politics, suitable[br> First prospects of Vladivostok, stated at the APEC summit - 2012. Presentation of the album will take place on Wednesday, September 4 at 11:00 am in the library-sal[br> ONET them. Pushkin at the address. Svetlanskaya 55. Photo - Yuri Smityuk

Press-service of the Vladivostok

Опубликовано:   3-09-2013, 16:32      |      Категория:  eng news

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