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Recall that the newspaper "Vladivostok", "Arguments

Recall that the newspaper "Vladivostok", "Arguments Recall that the newspaper "Vladivostok", "Arguments and Facts Primorye" radio "Lemma", "ViBiSi", 8-Channel, news agencies "Primore24" and Vladnews announce action: "Enter into the Guinness Book of Records." Terms are simple: send us your photos with a flash mob on the bridge across the Golden Horn to email photo@.ru, and they will be included in a photo album that each author will receive a free shot. Moreover, the book will be a world record certificate of participation, in which you can write your name. So you will almost nominal edition of Guinness, you will be able to convey to children and grandchildren in memory of the flash mob at the Golden Bridge, dedicated to the 153 th anniversary of the founding of Vladivostok. Note that the letters arrive daily. People send in their own photographs, photographs of children, relatives, friends, etc. Some share their experiences. One reader wrote: "We received a lot of unforgettable experiences and emotions, as well as a huge positive charge and felt great pride in our city! We are waiting for your copy of the album and a certificate! "Immediately reply to a request: to get the album, you will need to fill out an application. To do this, look at the streets of people with special badges (see photo). Best for this day - September 8 - the same time and go to the polls. Volunteers of the competition in this "fish" weekend will work in emergency mode. Do not miss the chance. Recall, the participants created a flash mob live inscription «I love Vladivostok» on one side of the Golden Bridge. On the other side for about five minutes they were holding up their hands raised in the red, blue and white flags to form the national flag of Russia. The event was attended by over 26000 people, which exceeded the achievement recorded in Pakistan (24200 people) and entered the Guinness Book of Records. We are waiting for your photos to: 690014 Beijing, People's Avenue, 13 the action "Enter the Guinness Book of Records", or by e-mail photo@.ru

Sergei Petrachkov, the newspaper "Vladivostok"

Опубликовано:   3-09-2013, 16:32      |      Категория:  eng news

In buses for the city of Vladivostok «tour»
19-06-2013, 13:31, eng news
In buses for the city of Vladivostok «tour» rogue, who raises money for allegedly sick daughter. Vladivostok network users LJ («live journal») denounced him as a deceiver. As reported in LJ,...
Among other issues, the meeting was concerned the bill
1-09-2013, 04:00, eng news
Among other issues raised at the meeting was the draft law "On the free provision of land for housing construction in Primorye", developed at the initiative of the Governor of the province of...
Travel companies are asked to solve the problems of Primorye land lease
5-03-2013, 04:00, eng news
Travel industry Maritime - is the ability to replenish the coffers rather large sums for small investments......
In Primorye disclosed killing a woman and her child
29-07-2013, 18:15, eng news
Investigative agencies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Primorsky Territory unsolved murder 30 year old woman and her 11-year-old son. Opened murder of a woman and...
Sailing ship
23-03-2013, 06:56, eng news
The captain of the famous Russian barque "Sedov", circumnavigate the world, on Saturday gave the command to disable the ship engines and only go sailing......
21-05-2013, 13:20, eng news
In the "Green Marathon" took part in Khabarovsk and real marathoners, capable of running more than one thousand kilometers. (PHOTOS)......
Social project
19-09-2013, 19:04, eng news
50 cars of firewood will be sent to the private sector of the seaside town of Arsenyev until the end of September. On the eve of the heating season will provide free firewood pensioners, the disabled...
Violin ensemble from Vladivostok won in the international festival
10-04-2013, 16:50, eng news
Qualified jury noted the high professionalism and teamwork play violin, awarding ensemble "Octave" first place......
Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the city of Vladivostok received a message
11-06-2013, 12:46, eng news
Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the city of Vladivostok received a message 74-year-old man living on the street, Kotelnikova that the day before, during a walk in the Park «Mine Gorodok» he...
In the Find a festival of
24-04-2013, 16:20, eng news
Outdoor Festival of Choreographic Art "His Majesty Dance" will be held in Nakhodka 27 and April 28. At the scene of the Municipal Cultural Centre will come out of 15 dance groups and more than 500...

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