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Bailiffs of Nakhodka sought multimillion

Bailiffs of Nakhodka sought multimillion Bailiffs of Nakhodka sought millions of wage arrears to the fishing company. The debtor has completely paid to workers after the seizure of the property of the organization. In the department of bailiffs Nakhodka was initiated 40 enforcement proceedings for the recovery of wages with "Nemusko." Organization dedicated to fisheries (production, processing, retail, etc.), owes its employees 5 million 854 thousand rubles. Because the debtor does not pay voluntarily going to a claimant, the bailiffs had seized a ship belonging to the Company "Nemusko", after implementation, which could partially repay the debt. But the measure has not brought the desired result, and representatives of the organization have continued to shy away from the performance requirements of the servants of the law. In this regard, the bailiffs decided to berth and land under the pier, costing about 2 million rubles. Seized property was transferred to the Department of the organization of the evaluation and sale of debtors, for further implementation in debt. As a result, the debtor voluntarily paid about 2 4 million. And at the end of August, representatives of LLC "Nemusko" paid the balance owed on wages and made enforcement fee in the amount of 600 thousand rubles. Executive production was over actual performance.

Ivan the Terrible, RIA «VladNews»

Опубликовано:   3-09-2013, 16:30      |      Категория:  eng news

Vladivostok will host a conference
26-04-2013, 17:30, eng news
The main objective of the conference is to analyze the events of the early twenty-first century, building on its base model and hypotheses for further development of Russian society and the state......
Сергей Сидоренко: Посевная в Приморье идет в плановом режиме, вся надежда на хорошую погоду
22-06-2013, 22:46, eng news
Посевная-2013 несколько отстает от прошлогодней, аграрии постоянно корректируют планы по площадям посевов культур, чтобы уложиться в сроки......
Arsenal, 15 of Bagration, 466a, 837/3 Borodino,
18-07-2013, 23:00, eng news
Arsenalna Bagrationa 1546 6a, 837/3 Borodinskaya, 232525 p.22729313341434547 Davydov, 346 6a, 81010a, 121414a, 162020a, 2222a, 242828a, 28b, 28c, 3030a, 3234 Kutuzova, 3 3a, 5 5a 5b, 5c, 718 Avenue...
In Primorye, a fire killed a man
2-05-2013, 13:30, eng news
On Wednesday, May 1 at 17:45 on the remote Fire received a report of a fire in a one-story, apartment house in the village Posiet, Khasan municipal area. Immediately to the scene attrition fire...
For failure to pay child support obligor tried many times again be sued
13-08-2013, 17:16, eng news
Border residents of Primorye with 8 convictions, re-appear before the court for failure to pay child support. The magistrates ordered him to pay 1100 per month minor daughter born in 1997 in 2006 but...
Independent experts from the School of Economics came up,
23-08-2013, 15:03, eng news
Independent experts from the School of Economics figured out how to save budget funds. If the project will be able to realize, that in 3 years the authorities will receive additional 1.1 trillion...
The head of the Primorsky Territory Vladimir Miklushevsky offered
19-08-2013, 12:17, eng news
The head of the Primorsky Territory Vladimir Miklushevsky offered to help the governors most affected by the flooding of the Far Eastern regions - the Amur, Khabarovsk Krai and the Jewish Autonomous...
New municipal
29-03-2013, 08:00, eng news
Information Service Radio "Lemma" - News of the full range!......
Ferry service between Sokcho - Zarubino - Hunchun started operations
22-03-2013, 10:20, eng news
New Blue Ocean ferry will operate once a week between Sokcho and Vladivostok and double route Sokcho - Zarubino - Hunchun......
Due to the high level of responsibility, the desire to
18-07-2013, 17:16, eng news
Due to the high level of responsibility, the desire to help and be a part of the grand celebration of sport and youth volunteers Primorye managed to create an atmosphere of hospitality at the event,...

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