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Participants of the rally on the 95th anniversary of

Participants of the rally on the 95th anniversary of Participants of the rally dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the establishment of the Criminal Investigation Service on August 22 arrived in the Amur region. On the border with the Jewish Autonomous Region, to the car, the next of Vladivostok, joined machine of the Criminal Investigation Directorate of the MOI of Russia in the Amur region and the crews of private security companies. At the meeting, the protesters handed the flag rally Vadim Chalomu - the chief of the Criminal Investigation Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Amur region. Police Amur together with the guests will travel to the western border region, where the torch will pass guards about the Chita region. Paying homage to employees, increase the authority of the Criminal Investigation Service, and to draw public attention to the existing problems of the Interior, protect the rights of police officers - are the challenges facing the protesters. - For the last time is a lot of negative information about employees of the Interior. Yes, there are flaws and mistakes, but most police successfully perform their tasks in the most difficult conditions: the Caucasus and in the Amur region, the emergency area. We drove through Khabarovsk, Blagoveshchensk and other places. All work is done around the clock - said the protestor, a veteran criminal investigation Nicholas Druginyn. Another goal of the rally - improvement of interaction of law enforcement and private security companies in attracting security structures to assist the police in maintaining public order. The organizers of large-scale action made by the "Association of law enforcement agencies and special services of the Russian Federation," The union of non-state security structures, the All-Russian public organization "Russian officers." Route of the rally will be held in 19 cities of the Russian Federation in Moscow and will end on September 26. Participants of the rally on the 95th anniversary of Participants of the rally on the 95th anniversary of Participants of the rally on the 95th anniversary of

Department of Information and Public Relations Directorate of the MOI of Russia in the Amur region

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