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Hockey club "Admiral" continues to create

Hockey club "Admiral" continues to create Hockey club "Admiral" continues to make history. On the eve of the Czech Republic, where the next training camp team Vladivostoktsy played its first friendly match. Rival of our team was "Pilsen" from the same city. Managed the most militant opponent: "Pilsen" the defending champion Czech Extraleague. Club runs well-known former hockey player Martin Straka Although prior to the start of the regular season CHL almost a month, the coaching staff is able to make the first conclusions about the readiness of the team to debut in the league. The first goal in the history of the club down for a Swedish footballer "Admiral" Richard Gyunge. Soon Pilsen equalizes. Again, the historical, the first missed Admirals goal had Ondrej Kratie on finishing Czech hockey player pushed the puck into the goal - 1:1. In the second period lead by the Czech champion and 37th minute, the hosts throw the second goal. Distressed guard our gates Ivannikova player Petula owners. Curtain time Victor others managed to shove the puck Czechs - 2:2. In the third segment of the game already had the advantage of hockey players of our team twice came close to taking Barbashev goal, but the striker upset Czech goalkeeper Mensatora failed. Shock turned the match. During the 23 seconds before the end of normal time Enver Lisin displays "Admiral" forward, but their first win of our team was not meant to be. After a few seconds Kratom scored his second goal of the match and restore the status quo of 3:3. In the shootout precisely were the hosts 2-1 ice, do not we say that the decisive shot scored all the same Onzhrzhey kratom, the "Admiral" featuring Nicklas Bergfors. Draw in regulation time and the defeat in shootouts - the result of the first match, "Admiral", the team plans to hold another meeting should be reminded that today in the asset head coach Hannu Yortkki 20 players. Goalkeepers: Joakim Lundstr"om, Evgeny Ivannikov. Defenders: Dmitry Kostromitin, Denis Osipov, Anton Polishchuk, Artem Zemchenok. Forwards: Enver Lisin, Andrei Nikitenko, Konstantin Sokolov, Alexey Efimov, Victor friend, Alexander Kuznetsov, Sergey

Oleg Kotov, the newspaper "Vladivostok"

Опубликовано:   7-08-2013, 13:03      |      Категория:  eng news

Part of the Ship waterfront in Vladivostok will block
7-06-2013, 17:16, eng news
June 8 on the Ship quay will run underground pressure and gravity sewers. Work will be performed Brigade KGUP "Seaside water utility." Ship's waterfront in Vladivostok will block due to repairs to...
В крае без осадков. Местами туман. Ветер юго-западный
8-07-2013, 02:00, eng news
В крае без осадков. Местами туман. Ветер юго-западный слабый до умеренного. Температура воздуха ночью 1222°C, днем 2033°C. Во Владивостоке переменная облачность. Преимущественно без осадков, местами...
Brass Band Festival opened in Vladivostok Pacific Fleet sailors
17-05-2013, 14:20, eng news
Traditionally music festival has opened the most numerous military band staff of the Pacific Fleet. (PHOTOS)......
Khankaisky District Prosecutor's Office audited
8-08-2013, 23:45, eng news
Khankaisky District Prosecutor's Office audited the compliance KGBUZ "Khankaysky CRH" legislation on health care and sanitary-epidemiological welfare of the population, which resulted in the breach...
Vladivostok Land Cruiser Prado drove in Moscow
28-03-2013, 06:00, eng news
The vehicles will be delivered in tank-car carriers in complex storage GEFCO in Domodedovo, Moscow region......
Maritimes rescuers spent training descents from a helicopter
19-04-2013, 16:00, eng news
Helicopter MI-8 following in the city Spassk - Far to practice training runs, was also involved in the raid on monitoring forest fire and flood situation......
The defendant was fined 10000 rubles for insulting
10-09-2013, 07:12, eng news
The defendant was fined 10000 rubles for insulting a witness during the consideration of the criminal case in Khankaisky district court. This crime was revealed by the bailiff OUPDS department...
The aquarium under construction in Vladivostok need for aquarium 5900000
6-05-2013, 20:20, eng news
The construction costs of the oceanarium, Far Eastern Branch of RAS, which is being built in Vladivostok on the Russian island to exceed the previously projected estimate of 4.7 billion......
On payment of Primorye affected by the cyclone, additional funding
27-08-2013, 18:16, eng news
Primorye Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky signed a decree on the allocation of 2 million 900 thousand rubles for the payment of Primorye, whose property was damaged in the flood. Payments will...
Today within the working group Jacob Kahn, Chairman
6-06-2013, 22:46, eng news
Today within the working group Jacob Kahn, Chairman of the public organization of veterans of the great Patriotic war, labour, Armed forces and law enforcement agencies voiced the question about the...

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