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In Sofia (Bulgaria) these days are XXII Summer Deaflympics

In Sofia (Bulgaria) these days are XXII Summer Deaflympics In Sofia (Bulgaria) these days are XXII Summer Deaflympics - they started on July 24 and will last until August 4. Surdlimpiada - this is the same Olympics, only athletes with hearing impairments. Held every four years, and it involves the strongest athletes. This year, Sophia came to more than 3000 athletes from 85 countries. In the national team of Russia - 21-year-old swimmer from Vladivostok Vitaly Obotin. In his program - participation in nine heats. Six were held for him gold and silver. Vitaly took two gold on July 27 in the 200 freestyle metrovke and 4x100m medley relay. The next day he won the silver medal in the 1500-meter freestyle. July 30 twice climbed the highest step of the podium, winning medals highest standard in the 200 meters medley and as part of the Russian quartet in the 4x100 freestyle relay. August 1 Obotin added to existing awards another silver medal - 400 metrovke freestyle. How to tell the coach works with the athlete sports training center high school sports skills Elena Perepelitsa, Vitaly swims for 14 years. Began in his native town of Bolshoi Kamen. In the 9th grade, he moved to Vladivostok, trains under the direction of Elena and her husband Perepelitsa - Dmitry Perepelitsa, coach of Olympic Reserve School of the Primorsky Territory, which, incidentally, is now in their wards in Sofia. Today Vitaly Obotin - Palo student. In 2011 he received the title of "Honored Master of Sports of Russia" for winning the World Cup. Has frequently been the champion of the country in swimming. Thousands of miles away from Sofia, Primorye, with Vitaly worry parents, friends, and fans. Participation in the seaside swimmer Deaflympics turned the whole population of the city - Big Stone, where he came in the night owls - because of the eight-hour time difference webcast event we are already late at night. But do not go to sleep - rooting for the countryman, because such a big sporting event for the first time in the history of the city and you can not miss. Unfortunately, the first coach Vitaly - Valery Korabeynikov did not live up to such a joyous event for a few months. Before the trip to the Deaflympics Vitaly Obotin set a goal: to make themselves known on a global level, to show a good result and is sure to win the award. Seaside athlete his medal plan has been exceeded, but we still have three swim, and, according to Elena Perepelitsa, the mood he's fighting. Help "B" The delegation of the Russian Federation on the XXII Summer Deaflympics in Sofia (Bulgaria) included 417 people, including 302 athletes (181 men and 121 women), 72 coaches, 25 doctors and masseurs, 18 managers, specialists and interpreters. The team of Russia takes part in all 20 sports disciplines deaf. This - badminton, basketball, wrestling freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, bowling, cycling, road, volleyball, judo, karate, athletics, table tennis, swimming, beach volleyball, shooting, orienteering, taekwondo, football, tennis, handball and mountain biking. In the last three disciplines, the Russians will participate for the first time. USSR national team for the first time took part in the Deaflympics in 1957 and has always been in the top three overall team standings. Since 1993 the tradition was continued by the Russian Federation and the national team, has always occupied the second place in the unofficial team standings. And in the last Olympic Games in 2009 in Taipei for the first time the Russians were the best, winning 98 medals - 29 gold, 41 silver and 28 bronze.

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