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Since the beginning of 2013 drug control authorities of Primorsky

Since the beginning of 2013 drug control authorities of Primorsky Since the beginning of 2013 drug control authorities of Primorsky Krai has been solved 85 crimes committed by organized groups and groups of persons by prior agreement. The peculiarity of these groups - focus on the "Encoding" - the use of caches, code words, other people and other passport data. But, no matter what efforts did not put narkosbytchiki, they eventually find themselves in the dock. In January 2013 Investigative Service Federal Drug Control ServiceRussia for the Primorye Territory completed the investigation of a criminal case, where the accused appeared four members of an organized criminal group that sold the wholesale heroin in Pershamaiski district of Vladivostok. Members of the group were foreign nationals. The leader is currently being sought. The organizer of recruiting persons from migrant workers for subsequent distribution of heroin in the Maritime Provinces. The leader of the group consistently directed the actions of subordinates, giving them instructions over the phone. Improvised, coming to Vladivostok, heroin seizure was carried out caches and dispensed drugs for smaller parties, perepryatyvaya it in the future to other caches. Trade was put on stream. Sales carried out through a rented car or caches, non-contact method. If the police arrested one of the traffickers, he is to be replaced by another. The basic composition of the group was arrested Jan. 262012. During the arrest, seizures of heroin was particularly large. In the recesses and hotel rooms rented by the band members, drug enforcement officers discovered and seized 514 grams of heroin, or more than 5000 individual doses. In general, the removal of heroin on the First District - not uncommon in the drug control. There is another group that supplied and sold the heroin on the First of the Vladivostok area, which has already appeared in court. In a group of persons involved with the criminal past: in particular, has repeatedly tried and previously deported from the Russian foreign citizen, who returned to Russia under the amended passport. The case is in court this April. In parallel with this group appear before the court and the other group of persons come true heroine in the regional center in the streets Tereshkova and Burachek. These individuals were arrested by the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia Primorsky Krai near the house number 18 on the street Tereshkova in September of last year, at the time of the meeting supplier. Supplier, which was a foreign national, was arrested near the house next door narcotics police. During the search, he had seized nearly 130 grams of heroin. Investigation into the activities of this group deserves attention. Almost all the members of the group have a criminal past. One of them had criminal record for keeping a brothel. The conditional sentence was not for him weighty warning. Supplier narkosredstv been convicted three times prior to this episode in the territory of the Russian Federation, including twice for participating in drug trafficking. After the release from prison in 2009 he was deported to his homeland, but attempts to return to the territory of Russia did not leave. How to set the operational staff, citizen changed his surname, first name and patronymic, and already the new data in the data sheet freely entered the territory of Russia. In Russia they were very well found among drug traffickers, who were willing to trade for a dose of the drug for themselves. At present, members of the group charged with the attempted sale of drugs and the preparation for the sale of a group of persons by prior agreement. The case with the indictment, approved by the prosecutor referred to the First District Court of the city of Vladivostok. But not only Vladivostok appears in operative reports. Large quantities of drugs are confiscated opium and other cities. Criminal case on opium traders took to the court in April this year. In the criminal charges brought against the group organizer and supplier. These helpers were arrested in May last year, the Nakhodka interdistrict department and police, drug enforcement administration of Primorye. During the search of the organizer was found about 15 grams of opium, pre-packaged and prepared for sale. At the same time, not far from Ussuriysk was detained, which supplied drugs of this group. At the time of his arrest, he was carrying a lot of opium weighing 1.8 kg., Representing more than 9000 individual doses. According to the number of drug seizures, one can estimate the scale of drug trafficking groups. Deal with the indictment has already been sent to Nakhodka city court. Supplier of drugs - convicted. The court sentenced him to five years in prison. Thus, today we can say that today narkosbytchik - a social phenomenon. He is cunning and resourceful, creates entire network for drug-trafficking, sacrificing, if necessary, by other people in order to "throw off the tail" of law enforcement officers. He has dozens of SIM cards and rented apartments that have been converted into points of sale. If necessary, he changes the passport data and recruit new "wooden soldiers" who also is willing to sacrifice in order to make a profit again and again. But this is a social phenomenon is doomed. Since all the tricks and stunts in the end come to an end the dock

Eugene Zhitnikova, RIA «VladNews»

Опубликовано:   15-07-2013, 14:49      |      Категория:  eng news

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