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Aviation Medical coastal rescue unit received

Aviation Medical coastal rescue unit received

On Friday, July 12 at Vladivostok Be-200 aircraft of the Far Eastern regional center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry aircraft was delivered to the medical unit. The module is designed for the transport of wounded and injured as a result of emergency situations.

According VestiRegion.ru the press service of the MES on the PC in the near future it will be installed on the helicopter Mi-8 Russian Emergencies Ministry, based in Vladivostok. Medical staff will be specially trained in its use.

The equipment allows the medical evacuation of two victims and provide them with adequate medical care during the flight to hospital. For this purpose, which is part of the module medical equipment, which can be used to carry out artificial respiration, cardiac stimulation and other primary resuscitation.

The modules are Russian development and have no analogues in any country of the world. In the system of the Russian Emergencies Ministry medical units have been used for several years and have proven themselves in practice.

Aviation Medical coastal rescue unit received

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In Primorye, suffered an accident in 2 girls
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On Ocean Avenue in Vladivostok two girls 11 and 12 years, cross the road at the point where the underpass, fell under the wheels. Two girls injured in road accidents in the Primorsky Territory woman...
Bus route number 15K changing patterns of movement in Vladivostok
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The total number of buses in the working day will be 12-14 units, 6 of which will be driven onto the ring cable car......
Bailiffs in Primorye cooperate with the leadership of military units
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Forum arbitrators opened in Vladivostok
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Primorsky Territory Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky today, 20 September, attended the opening ceremony of the Asia-Pacific region "Tax regulation: law, economics and the role of the courts," which...
The accused in several rapes and two murders appeared in court in Vladivostok
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Gather the evidence presented is sufficient, in connection with which a criminal case with the confirmation of the indictment would be sent to court for trial......
The beginning of the summer vacation period not talking about
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May Day parade was first held in Vladivostok on the Golden Bridge
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Erected a two-story school on the island of Russian
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