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First normal person will get a chance to touch

First normal person will get a chance to touch For the first time, an ordinary person will receive opportunity to touch directly to the creative process, the Real life of the Museum, to see the way of waves occurs movement of the river, as the efforts of the team consisting of researchers, curators, designers, artists stages are the light of the new exhibition rooms, which are already on the next day gain a finished look. You have a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes of the exhibition» to see how to create the magic of the event, become a witness of gradual appearance of the halls of Archaeology and Ethnography, «the Cabinet of the researcher and the five halls, narrating about history of native territory, from the era of the settlement to the Civil war. You will see how right in Your presence we breathe life into the updated space, here and now, in real time, we are creating a memory. «Bread chronicle - media installation of the art group «HRONO»: Gleb Телешов and Anton Bubnovsky, jointly with OAO «Владхлеб» have the honor to make владивостокцам and guests of the city rebus: the causation of the modern Civilization. Consisting of two interactive parts of the puzzle - the difficult task of making, who has unraveled which will receive a prize - e-Bagel - formulated on the occasion of the 110th anniversary! Exhibition fans from the collection of the Russian ethnographic Museum, a collection of traditional fans of the peoples of Eurasia XIX-XX centuries will tell you about the different cultural, social, magical assignments fans and related traditions. Exhibition «Stuttgart - Vladivostok. Unwitting postal novel» the fruit of the cooperation of the famous Vladivostok creators and famous German artists - the first event, dedicated to the mail-art, своеобычному mind of modern art, the applier postage stamps and other postal materials as visual tools. The head of the corner - art-communication by mail, the Internet and other means of communication and continuity rebellious traditions of avant-garde groups of the early XX century. The Cultural Olympiad Sochi 2014». 2013 Year of the Museum is a unique project of the organizers of the Games, representing the best cultural events of the country. The national scale of the project allows to involve every citizen of the country in the grandiose cultural holiday, maintaining and increasing the cultural wealth of our country. «Russian China» - a joint project of the Museum. V.K. Arsenyev and fashion historian and collector Alexander Vasiliev, representing the everyday life of Russian in China in the period from the end of XIX century, when the heart of the Diaspora was under construction by Russian architects Harbin, and until the mid-1930s, when the centre of cultural life of emigration moved to Shanghai. Materials of the exhibition show how, through fashion, music, literature and art of the colorful life of the East was part of the life of emigrants, becoming a part of their everyday culture. «Magic blade: the reverse of the Empire». In the collection of samples from the territories of the Old world, as well as Australia, the Pacific Islands and even воцзюй (III-I centuries BC) until the mid-twentieth century. - Exhibition-book «Eleanor prey: letters from Vladivostok is one of the most popular among the residents and guests of Vladivostok. By visiting the exhibition, you can discover the many unknown pages of the daily history, Vladivostok from 1894 to 1930 - so much, lived in the city of Eleanor prey. Exhibition centre (Peter the Great, 6) - the photo Exhibition «Look at Vladivostok» («Look at Vladivostok) - summary of annual open competition, designed to open new (conceivable) sides and angles of the city of Vladivostok, to give the opportunity to its residents to re-see the native city. Galoshes, kerosene lamps, a sewing machine and a host of other things that usually are found on the «Old attic,» will become the objects of the same-name exhibition-installation. The exhibition will be divided into two ten thematic corners. Among them are such as «Cinema-area» with projector, a Grandmother with a sewing machine, old dresses and knitting, a «Corridor» which usually are, skis, skates, boots or bike. All, who in his childhood, he dreamed or still wants to dig in the old attic lumber, will be able to do this for an entire Saturday shares. The project is interactive, so touch exhibits STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. - Exhibition «people's Time». (author: Konstantin Solo) Each time creates their idols. The author is a composition consisting of four figures, executed in the style of the idols of Easter island, takes us back to the history of the emergence of an Outpost in the far East. - The project «Mirror of time». (author: Olga Шапилова) Object consists of paintings mirror acrylic. On a mirrored surface images of historical personalities, celebrities at different times visited our city. Looking through the pictures of famous writers, actors, politicians, the audience of the exhibition, correlate themselves with them; object calls the flow of thoughts and associations connected with famous people, historic events and circumstances related to the emergence of celebrities in our city. In the Park of the Museum-exhibition center from noon to open an exhibition-sale of products of manual work from the Autonomous nonprofit organization «Good deed». At the same time, there will be held master classes for all, including dance studios «Style» and «Heritage». With your own eyes you will see the process of manufacturing of ceramic articles from sculpt before firing in a kiln. Located near the forge, where the blacksmith will reveal to You some secrets of their mastery. For children there will be new games, for example, the overseas 3D classics. Pleasant and helpful to spend time to help experts of the Chinese tea, which not only inform you of the variety in the selection, but also organize the whole tea ceremony. After sunset, to illuminate the square will be crafted ceramic houses with the light in the Windows. And it is not all - guests of the Museum and exhibition center for a surprise in the Admiralty square, you only have to wait for the sunset. The house of a Royal official (Sukhanova, 9) within The last two years we have created a new memorial exposition, dedicated to the state adviser Alexander Vasilievich Суханову. Two years was carried out painstaking work to create in the house Century A. Sukhanova new exhibits telling about the life and career of the legendary officials of Primorsky Krai. In frames of this work to the previously recreated the Cabinet and the dining room were added reconstructed bathroom boys and girls room in which they lived and were brought up children of a family Сухановых, including his son, Konstantin, a prominent figure of the revolutionary movement, which were mostly devoted to the permanent exhibition. Today we are restoring the hierarchy and pay tribute to Alexander Vasilievich, talking about his successes in the field of state service. House traveler (Arsenyev 7b) House the Museum of a family Arsenevy invites you to feel the unique atmosphere in which they lived and worked an outstanding Russian and Soviet writer and traveler Vladimir Клавдиевич Arsenyev. Exposure time, augmented objects and things once belonged to the most family Arsenevy, will allow you not only to get acquainted with the life of the famous researcher of Primorye, but also to feel the comfort, the thought of which warmed his heart in the distant travels. June 29 all sites of the Primorsky State United Museum. Century K. Arseniev open from 12:00 until 00:00.

Press release the Museum to them. V.K. Arsenyev

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