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«Only one pipeline to the Chayanda field

«Only one pipeline to the Chayanda field «Only one pipeline to the Chayanda field will cost 770 billion roubles. But this gas should go for other purposes - at газохимию. There is a new component of helium, and we possess the technologies for its processing. The time has come to deal not only with oil and gas pipelines, but also the creation in the region of oil and gas chemical production», - said the Plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in FEFD Victor Ishayev OJSC of Russia, according to Viktor Ishayev on his reelection as, will provide Gazprom assistance in implementation of gas projects, based on the principle of providing primary Russian consumers. Another important area of cooperation will be the development and introduction of innovations in the field of exploration, production, preparation and processing of oil and gas, including associated gas. The signing of the Agreement with Gazprom is especially important, considering the decision on the formation of the far Eastern petrochemical cluster. OJSC Russia ready to act as coordinator of its formation and development. With this initiative the Board office in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk by the Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation on development of the Far East Dmitry Shelekhov. He stressed that creating the cluster is provided by the Plan of the development of gas - and petrochemicals in Russia up to 2030 on the basis of the raw materials base of the South of Yakutia, East Siberia and other fields. Besides, by order of the Government of the Russian Federation Gazprom is engaged in the implementation of the Eastern gas program. Therefore, the Ministry of the Agreement will assist the company in implementing projects on extraction, transportation, processing of gas and gas supply of consumers on the territory of the district. Responsible for the execution of the Agreement are the Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation on development of the Far East Dmitry Shelekhov and Deputy Chairman of OAO «Gazprom» Vitaly Markelov.

RIA "VladNews"

Опубликовано:   18-06-2013, 18:45      |      Категория:  eng news

Department of Transport Vladivostok Administration informs
12-07-2013, 15:00, eng news
Department of Transport Administration of Vladivostok to announce the opening on Monday, July 15 a new route passenger bus number 31 to "Meadow - Fadeev - Borisenko, 106." The beginning of his work -...
Young mothers from the third hospital in Vladivostok will be able to go on dates
28-05-2013, 09:20, eng news
First guests plan to take in the near future, when completed all the preparations......
Private kindergartens Vladivostok count on the support of
28-03-2013, 07:00, eng news
A "round table" on the problems and prospects of the development of entrepreneurship in the field of early childhood education......
In Vladivostok, a woman was hit by two schoolgirls
4-03-2013, 03:18, eng news
The woman who brought down girls, she brought the victims to the hospital. Receiving injuries of extremities, girls focus on outpatient treatment......
Environmental game
5-04-2013, 05:30, eng news
Twelve teams of six people each, will compete in the environmental erudition, be smart in finding answers to complex questions......
In Nakhodka shot a young man
13-09-2013, 15:30, eng news
In the police received a report finds that in the streets of Mayakovsky men found dead with a gunshot wound to the head. In Nakhodka shot a man arrived at the site team of investigators found that...
By the summer at the Spring in Vladivostok will be elevated transition
28-02-2013, 10:30, eng news
At the end of May - beginning of June this year in the area stop "Spring" in Vladivostok will be a new overhead pedestrian crossing. Elevated transition to build the Spring to summer Now experts of...
Today, the day of the Annunciation, Patriarch Kirill will release white doves into the sky
7-04-2013, 12:40, eng news
Annunciation - one of the twelve great feasts neperehodyaschih, so every year it is celebrated in the same time. The date of its celebration was determined by counting back nine months from...
In the second half of the day in Vladivostok again Cloudy
11-04-2013, 09:50, eng news
Although the capital of Primorye air warms up to seven degrees, forecasters expect the afternoon in the city - as in the environment - possible precipitation......
In Vladivostok, in the evening on the street. Gori in the yard
2-09-2013, 18:16, eng news
In Vladivostok, in the evening on the street. Gori in the yard area driver passenger car hit a 9-year-old boy. This year, the student will not get to attend the grand line - he was hospitalized with...

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