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Mayor Igor Pushkarev, jointly with the public

Mayor Igor Pushkarev, jointly with the public Mayor Igor Pushkarev, jointly with the public has formed a package of the most interesting and necessary regional capital projects. Today at the round table the experts - members of the Strategic Council of the city discussed and prioritize them, which will be «national examination». Seven large-scale projects on development of the regional centre presented the Igor Pushkarev to the experts. The package of proposals included two of the project, about which the head of Vladivostok announced the primaries, and ideas suggested by the public - about 90 public organizations consulted with the head of Vladivostok and made their suggestions on the development of the regional center. «I have repeatedly said that the city needs the big ring road. We can build such a along the Amur Bay - from Sedanka to Токаревской Cats, and then through the Strait - the island of St. Elena and further - to the island of Russky. The city periodically standing in traffic jams, and the «heavy vehicles»heading from the port, there is no other option than to go through the center. And ring road along the sea will help to solve the problem and give the city a space for development», - said the first project, the Igor Pushkarev. The second proposal of the Chapter is to create an «Ideal management company». In this case, the citizens will have the right to choose: or commercial company, which does not fulfil its obligations or alternative ideal of the criminal code, whose work is transparent and residents understand what their money is spent. «We likewise started to solve the problem of public transport - have revived municipal. We bought new buses, set high standards of service and control. Private carriers had to grow to that level. Otherwise they would lose the passengers who were happy to use municipal transport. The management companies of the same thing: do not want to work in good faith never will be» - said the head of Vladivostok. From public organizations did not less interesting projects: the creation of a military-historical complex on the p-e Nazimova, construction of a modern sports complex in each district of the city, as well as a network of walking and Cycling paths along the Amur Bay. Special attention was paid to ecology and culture. Since the project ECOPOLICY «offers purposeful formation of the entire ecosystem: landscaping of the city, creation of new green areas, cleaning and landscaping beaches etc. In a separate projects for creation of the Park Landmine town amusement Park of family rest. During the discussion of the proposal had also been made to build in Vladivostok and modern aquapark. Moreover, according to one expert, there are investors willing to implement this project - the main thing is to find a suitable place. «I agree, the project is great! Ready to meet with investors to discuss. As for the land under the water Park If necessary, we can turn to the first Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov. It is with great heed belongs to the Primorsky Krai and Vladivostok in particular. Sure would help us solve the land question under such an interesting project», - noted the Igor Pushkarev. Closing the discussion, the strategic Council approved all presented the head of the city development projects Vladivostok. The meeting was the latest step in the selection before the popular vote. Next week about 200 thousand inhabitants edge of the capital will be able to vote for the most interesting and desired seaside capital project. «We worked hard to select the most important ideas of our city. Now it is important to get feedback from the residents of Vladivostok, sure - Yes, this is really what people want», - appealed to the Council of Igor Pushkarev. The mayor also reminded that a year ago President Vladimir Putin proposed the creation of the project «Russian public initiative». The project idea is that citizens or NGOs can offer some initiative, and if she would gather 100000 votes, acquires the status of «Russian public initiative» and will receive Federal support. Still no city, no community group, such initiatives are not put forward. Vladivostok could be a first.

The press service of the Vladivostok Administration

Опубликовано:   15-06-2013, 16:30      |      Категория:  eng news

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