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Currently in Pervomaisk court of a city of Vladivostok

Currently in Pervomaisk court of a city of Vladivostok Currently in Pervomaisk court of a city of Vladivostok hears the criminal case against the 30-year-old previously convicted drug user, who is accused of simultaneous committing two serious crimes against 17-year-old girls in armed assault and rape. As it became known to the correspondent of RIA «VladNews», crime dates back to August 2010 Citizen M., a previously convicted of fraud and theft, past the prison «universities» and released on parole in this day trying to find money for drugs. In the streets of International he saw a 17 year old girl, who was coming home. M. attacked her, dragged behind garages, struck on the head by a stone, raped and took her handbag. On the fact of the attack, members of the Investigative Committee were two criminal cases - on an item 131 part 2 of the criminal code (rape) and 162 of part 2 of the criminal code (robbery). After a month the staff of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the city of Vladivostok in the course of operational activities identified citizen M. and detained him. Senior assistant SU TFR for the Primorsky Krai, major of justice Aurora Roman confirmed to the correspondent of RIA «VladNews»that a criminal case really was investigated by the investigative Department of the Pervomaisky district SU TFR for the Primorsky Krai. In October last year, the case was sent for trial. During the investigation of the attack defendant several times changed testimony admitted his guilt, then refused to confession, then stated that only confessions were obtained under pressure from the police. Judicial consideration of the case was not solved due to the fact that some witnesses in the case are on the meeting to the court. However, we believe that soon the Pervomaisky court, Vladivostok will deliver this case the final point to for a long time to send citizen Meters behind bars.

Ivan Harsh, RIA «VladNews»

Опубликовано:   11-06-2013, 17:30      |      Категория:  eng news

Julia Kantor noted that the representatives of the Hermitage regularly
18-07-2013, 17:19, eng news
Julia Kantor noted that the representatives of the Hermitage regularly conduct tours, classes, lectures, expand humanities adults and children. According to her, one of the tasks of the center of the...
In connection with the holding of OJSC «DGK» works on
13-06-2013, 21:46, eng news
In connection with the holding of OJSC «DGK» works for relaying of the area of heating on Pushkin street, June 192013 will be limited to traffic of vehicles from the crossroad of Pushkinskaya street...
From the beginning, Vladivostok imported 3.5 tons of flowers
4-03-2013, 02:53, eng news
Importers of this gentle and seemingly harmless product should be kept in mind that the flower production is regulated, because it has a high pest risk......
Head of Capital Construction, FEB RAS appear in court in Vladivostok
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In Vladivostok, the indictment against the chief of department of capital construction, FEB RAS. He is charged with forgery, that is, entering into the official documents of false information. As the...
Win a million to spend on school Vladivostok ultramodern auditorium
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The school of the winner at the festival "Education - 2013" shared plans arrangement......
Vice-governor of Primorye Vladivostok residents promised to keep the house of Eleanor Prey
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Now the authorities are searching for the owner, along with the works on the structure of certification to be able to start its protection......
Victory Day parade, will attend 6700 troops of the Eastern District of
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Members of military parades have passed a single drill, training in the ranks and grand mouth. Now move to the places of exercise equipment......
July 25 the whole country will remember the outstanding actor
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July 25 the whole country will remember the outstanding actor and musician - Vladimir Vysotsky. On this day, "Channel 8" will show documentaries about the hard life of the poet. Viewers will learn...
Division of Anti-Corruption Bailiff struggling with unscrupulous colleagues
12-07-2013, 20:16, eng news
In May, the district court of Vladivostok Pervorechenskij convicted a former bailiff under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "misappropriation" and "fraud." The bailiff found guilty of...
10-05-2013, 13:30, eng news
At Thursday, May 9 "Luch" met at a party with one of the outsiders of the Second Division Zone "East" Novosibirsk "Siberia-2". The result of the meeting goalless draw - 0:0. "Siberia-2" in the...

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