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For anybody not a secret, especially parents,

For anybody not a secret, especially parents, For anybody not a secret, especially parents, that almost no one leads the work with graduates (that is, 11-тиклассниками), nor with pupils of 10th class on career guidance. The work should be such from which the soul rejoices, but not dying. It's pitiful to see parents who do not even understand the consequences of their misconceptions about the child, to which they impose it your decision where to go and in what direction. Case of life: mother forced her son to act on economic faculty. He somehow graduated and after exactly 5 years said to her: «You wanted to diploma? On! Take it himself and more in my life't play the 5 years I did what I hated, and now I will live!» And he himself went to the order, the soul was at work. Today, tuning cars, brings him joy and money, which oddly enough is 2.5 times more than it would receive, working by the speciality, on which he spent 5 years of his life. For whom and for whom only one wonders? And such cases, after all - the sea! Be sure to note that this situation definitely undermines another stereotype imposed by society, the profession should be such that pay more. Nonsense! I hope you're from the situation described convinced of this. Unfortunately, parents since coming to forget that happiness is when the child gets pleasure from what he does, and this joy it makes rich and open, and successful man, interesting and understandable for the society! Almost three years ago, we began to help teenagers who are in extremely difficult situations, different in their own reasons, but the same effects: two subjects, apathy, full пофигизм not only for all, but also to parents, heap complexes, fears, and so forth. As can be seen, contingent our society calls as «the most difficult», «the most stupid», «the most unmanageable», «the most irresponsible teenagers, on which a school, and sometimes the majority of parents set a cross. But as the practice of working with them is the most talented children cornered and not understood by the society, which have very much to say and that can many that do. It is important only to melt their ice, and hear let say. And here is where the fun begins Is there potential creators, who have their lives would like to devote to the development and creation of something that does not yet exist in nature, but the thought of being forced today to act. It is a portrait of an ordinary marks and student. But what we are doing, we are a society with such children, about this some other time. Although, in principle, and all sensible people it without us and our experience clearly now sanity apparently not enough to act and help so that's lost in the wilds of the consumer more often children. In recent years we have seen, (and the number of children who have contacted us for all this time was big enough to talk about the objectivity of the conclusions)that 89% of children do not have the understanding of their true interests, all their interests imposed by parents, society, media, the Internet and computer games. And, in the majority, this is the reason conflicts of children with the entire environment, because their souls they - these interests and values of the consumer society's disgusting! But who listens to them, and who are willing to help them? Nobody! We still can not understand, do not you see and does not hurt the soul of the people: teachers and some parents, when children, answering the question «why did you choose to become a doctor?», - they say: «Because there's a lot of pay», and not in the nature of the medical profession - a «vocation cure people, to help them.» During these years almost 500 cases like this - superficial and strain. Although as soon as you start working with them, see how after 2 weeks the children will begin to open, that the position of a customer well as disgusted as you are." And then all of society outraged that our doctors - «коновалы», teachers we do not fit and the like. But they all newly made «professionals» came in conscious age not work and salvage cut! Maybe it is time for all of us to think that we are creating with their own hands. In this regard, on the basis of all existing trends in the development of education, science, society, policy, technology, we, the team of «РОСПРОРЫВ», came to the creation of a separate direction «Profession» transformation stereotypes inherent in children in relation to their way of life, preventing to see the degree of change of the world and forced to live by inertia. Because of what the development of today's society is stuck somewhere in the late 1990s - early 2000s! If we talk about the essence of the project is assistance to the graduates this year and future graduates and students of the 9th and 10th grades) in the matter of choosing a profession, the importance of which cannot be assessed almost 10 years. All the details of the project «Profession» we will in our newsletter. How to register? Everything is simple: www.rosproriv.ru General Director of «РОСПРОРЫВ» Igor Kuzmenko: it is interesting to develop personality and help them eliminate their weaknesses and complexes spoiling life and relationship not only with school environment, but often, ironically, you, the parents, those who invest the most expensive that can be - life and love! That's why we do all this, create new projects and help children learn to believe in themselves, in others, to find my way and all this in parallel serious preparation in mathematics, physics, computer science, this year will include already and chemistry. And in addition to the practice introduction in our teaching of knowledge, which became available only a few years ago. I can say this frankly and honestly graduates of this year is already the pride of the system «РОСПРОРЫВ»! And from the status of «disciples,» they are transformed in the status of «mentors» over those who will come to the same lost in the lives of children, which a year ago were they. And, as practice has shown, none of the children, of those who actually got to the end, and this year already 10 people (for comparison, last year were two of them) was left unchanged. They found their own special way of life, and now we are working on the steps of how to achieve the set goals! Honestly, it's cool to see yesterday's blockheads, who did not have any interests, new people, which is very interesting! The project we tried to flight test last year in the previous thread of our students. And I can clearly say: we followed the stream current that each of our graduates begins to understand where to go, how and maintain a cruising speed. On what the project is based on secrets and trends which any self-respecting professional monitors daily, exposing them to the system analysis, based on which formed the strategy of the vector, or in simple terms - ways of LIFE. It is all this we are ready to train not only the students of secondary schools and students of the first-second courses. So after leaving the Institute, they do not limit ourselves to any narrow prospects of work: to be registered as a waitress, a cleaner, a nurse, a Secretary (or in fashion «Manager») for girls and certified taxi driver, a worker at a construction site or a plumber for the guys. If interested, go and see what fate awaits you or your children after 5 years on the website фарпост in the summary section. Honestly - I am afraid, when comes the realization that the labour market inhabit today 60% of representatives of the office of plankton, 30% середнячка, 9% ambitious personnel who want to instantly «from rags to riches» go, without having experience and skills in the heads. To manage the good-for-nothing «office plankton». Only 1% of able-bodied guys and gals that tomorrow will be successful men, setting new trends in society and the economy. Businessmen, who are truly faced with the labour market of our city, will understand what is in question here. And this, unfortunately, is a dangerous trend, which may lead to extremely serious economic downturn since the business very soon tire of feeding the parasites. It is more probably, the signal must become for regional and local authorities, which until too late, can change the situation in the labour market dramatically. Knowledge of a new source of personal effectiveness in the future! And in conclusion I would like to appeal to those whom often depends on the child's choice. Dear parents, please understand that depriving the child of this choice, you deprive it of its independence and assume the burden of responsibility, the one which is known in different religions in different ways: karma sin, rock. But its essence remains one violation of the law of freedom of choice! Ask yourself, how you want to see your child? Lost in computer games and created for their degradation of virtual reality, in the culture of the anime where not understand where a boy and a girl, or a child with ambitious? Believe me, the tears of the fire, as yesterday's faded eyes Shine sunbathe», but this is a once and for all. We see it almost every month. You are a parent - You decide! In one of the interviews we will write down why this is happening and how to change it. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned to our website. For all who are interested in the efficiency in life and gain the vision, allowing you to be always on the crest of a wave of any crises, changes and upgrades door РОСПРОРЫВа always open. And while not forgotten all interested, we are waiting for our webinars, the dates of which, we'll also show you through our newsletter. Call us by phones: 8914739 8837 - Igor, General Director РОСПРОРЫВ 8908992 6163 - Elena, coordinator of the project «Profession». 8914651 0114 - Marina, coordinator of the project «Mathematics without borders» Come on over and register in the total newsletter РОСПРОРЫВ WWW.rosproriv.ru - Information PLATFORM РОСПРОРЫВ: AND write on email address: Rosproriv@yandex.ru In one word, Join us! To be continued!

Опубликовано:   11-06-2013, 12:45      |      Категория:  eng news

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