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Branch of «Primorye heat networks» JSC «Dalnevostochnaya

Branch of «Primorye heat networks» JSC «Dalnevostochnaya Branch of «Primorye heat networks» JSC «far Eastern generating company» notifies its subscribers that in connection with the production of repair work on a site of heating mains with 10 hours of June 10 to 18 hours on June 11 will be off the hot water supply of consumers of Vladivostok, located at the following addresses: • Avramenko, 8917 • Bestuzhev, 51315 15A, 192021 222328 29 • Verkhneportovaya street, 9 9a, 2027A, 303238 40A, 444650 64A, 667072/176 • Zakharova, 5 • Kazan, 157 • Крыгина, 136 151717A, 283034 Leonova, 202121A, 3364 Morozova, 578 9 • Нижнепортовая, 4 • posyetskaya, 3A, 51113 • perekopsky pereulok, 357 • Pestel, 5 • Samara, 10A • Saratov, 678 91113 • Sipyagina, 152226 283031 323334 • Станюковича, 2828a, 31A, 393748 495254b, 545657a, 57/264 • Strelnikova, 3 3A, 3b, 468 910A, 12 • Chernyshevsky, 15 • Yalta, 18 «Seaside heat networks» bring apologies to its subscribers for forced inconvenience and ask for understanding of the situation. Energy is dedicated to the absence of the water in the homes of the citizens was minimal.

Опубликовано:   10-06-2013, 16:48      |      Категория:  eng news

Opened Council, its President - head of customs
28-06-2013, 21:30, eng news
Opened's Board Chairman of the customs chief Mikhail Sorokin. The participants of the Advisory Council discussed the reports: «Results of the implementation in the region of the Annunciation of...
Yesterday ended in Vladivostok festival
18-08-2013, 22:01, eng news
Yesterday ended in Vladivostok festival "Days of Latin America." From 15 to 17 August the residents and guests of the regional center could get acquainted with local cuisine, fiery dances and songs...
Primorye Governor criticized the program for road edge
21-03-2013, 10:15, eng news
Head of the region criticized the existing program and asked the directors of relevant departments to finalize it in the shortest possible time......
Savings brand was launched in Europe
21-03-2013, 04:03, eng news
German Gref visited Prague on the occasion of the official launch of the brand in Europe, Sberbank. Sberbank of Russia has been working in the Czech Republic under the name of Sberbank CZ......
For a week the police recovered 10 Vladivostok gone home teen
2-03-2013, 07:19, eng news
Juvenile inspectors take action to prevent child neglect......
Joint naval exercises between Russia and China started in Vladivostok
8-07-2013, 23:31, eng news
On Monday, July 8 the joint headquarters leadership launched an active phase of the joint Russian-Chinese naval exercises "Sea interaction in 2013." The leaders teachings Deputy Chief of Staff of the...
4 tons of undeclared goods detained in Ussuriysk
5-06-2013, 15:30, eng news
A large consignment of undeclared goods found at customs in Primorye. Customs officials seized four tons of Ussuriysk bras and handbags coming from China. The approximate cost of undeclared goods -...
Ambitious musical project RED ROCKS, passing
14-06-2013, 12:00, eng news
Ambitious musical project RED ROCKS, held in the context of the Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad» with support of Sberbank continues its journey. 15 June Khabarovsk will meet a musical show, that in 2013...
The police departments of the Interior Ministry of Primorye carried
11-08-2013, 18:30, eng news
The police departments of the Interior Ministry of Primorye implement a set of organizational and practical measures to ensure public order and public safety during the summer holiday season. ...
Killer mayoral candidate Dalnegorsk sentenced to 11 years in prison
25-06-2013, 17:30, eng news
Other partners of the offense already convicted to long prison terms and are serving sentences in correctional colonies......

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