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Primorye will represent only guides - professionals

In Primorsky Krai can be introduced voluntary certification guides and guide-interpreters.

Primorye will represent only guides - professionals

Maritime guides will offer to pass certification

This was said by the parliamentarians of Primorye during the second reading of the law "On tourism activities."

Last year, Primorye 814000 tourists visited, yet 224000 people worked in the region is by invitation and business visas. According to the regional tourism development program in 2017 to visit the Primorye 5 million.

Representatives of the Department of Tourism suggested further legitimize an additional attestation guides in order to improve the quality of services provided. The deputies decided to discuss it later, and that the law as an amendment.

Primorye will represent only guides - professionals

Опубликовано:   22-05-2013, 11:31      |      Категория:  eng news

In the morning the mistress of the foreign cars not found his car. According to
21-06-2013, 22:31, eng news
In the morning the mistress of the foreign cars not found his car. According to the victim at the scene immediately left the police. Traffic policeman found the stolen car in kilometre from a scene....
On the rivers edge, the decline rain floods.
5-08-2013, 22:32, eng news
On the rivers edge, the decline rain floods. According to the press service of the Primorsky Territory Administration, the intensity rise in water levels dropped and is 5-20 centimeters per day. As...
By Victory Day veterans will be able to make purchases Ussuriysk at discounted prices
30-04-2013, 13:10, eng news
In Ussurijsk launched social-patriotic action "veterans of war and labor - the care and attention", dedicated to the Victory Day. The action takes place for veterans in Ussuriysk May 6 and 7 veterans...
Collectors seaside
23-04-2013, 11:10, eng news
Maritime Savings Bank branch collectors equipped with modern security systems of values......
July 23 in the newspaper
17-07-2013, 13:31, eng news
July 23 in the newspaper "Vladivostok" will hotline with the deputy manager of the Pension Fund of Russia for the Primorye Territory Galina Nikitchenko. From 13 to 14 hours to be an expert to answer...
In Primorye disclosed killing of 15-year-old
19-04-2013, 13:10, eng news
Investigators uncovered in Primorye murder of a woman, committed in 1998. In Primorye solved the crime 15 years ago April 112013 in the study of the criminal investigation into the murder of a woman...
The main accused of the incident is Igor Belikov.
18-07-2013, 17:17, eng news
The main accused of the incident is Igor Belikov. On 9th May, employees of a separate battalion traffic police MOI of Russia for the city of Vladivostok, located on route patrol in the streets...
Dispatch from China will go to the Far East via Novosibirsk
1-04-2013, 13:10, eng news
Now operates absurd principle that postage from China first go to Moscow, and then sent back to the Far East......
Innovation contest for high school students held in Vladivostok
5-03-2013, 13:10, eng news
The jury had to choose five finalists from the applicants, who later present our region during the final competition......
28-03-2013, 08:00, eng news
Economists are alarmed in Primorye are always talking about foreign investment, but turn a blind eye to the problems of their own small businesses, which hardly withstand blow after blow......

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