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"Keep your money in a savings bank": Primorye deputies block the road to foreign banks

\"Keep your money in a savings bank\": Primorye deputies block the road to foreign banks

Edge laws prohibit lawmakers and their spouses and minor children to open and operate accounts, keep cash and valuables in foreign banks located outside the Russian Federation, as well as to own or use foreign financial instruments.

Committee on Rules of the regional parliament, deputy ethics and organization of ES PC discussed the changes in the regional law "On the status of member of the Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Territory" and "On the Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai."

In accordance with federal law, the deputies and their families must be made within three months of closed accounts (deposits), to stop keeping money and valuables in foreign banks outside the Russian Federation, and to carry out expropriation of foreign financial instruments.

In the regional law also specifies the grounds and procedures for the commission of the Legislative Assembly to monitor the reliability of data on income, property and property obligations, verification of compliance with the deputies of the above prohibition.

In determining the results of the check on whether the discovery or existence of accounts (deposits), storage of cash and valuables in foreign banks, to the Legislative Assembly will be proposed to terminate the powers of the deputy.

"May 7 State Duma passed a law that prohibits a number of MPs and civil servants have accounts, deposits and financial assets in foreign banks outside Russia , - Said chairman of the Rules Committee, deputy ethics and organization of ES PC Constantine Mezhonov. - In compliance with the law, has three months to the deputies took action and eliminated the foreign accounts. If this is not done, the Legislative Assembly has the right to raise the issue of termination of parliamentary powers. "

Recall prohibitions apply to members of the Legislative Assembly, who shall exercise their powers on a permanent basis or combine participation in the work of the Legislative Assembly with the other activities.

Опубликовано:   20-05-2013, 20:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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