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First among the best!

First among the best! Photo: "Dear pleasure"

The most popular glossy magazine presented awards to Vladivostok * V Annual Regional Awards Luxury Lifestyle Award for his contribution to the development of Luxury - market, fashion, beauty and entertainment in the cultural and social life of the city, as well as for socially importantevents and achievements.

First among the best!

Guests of the magazine "delight" waiting for the solemn atmosphere, grand parade of fashion boutiques Vladivostok and, of course, the award winners branded crystals, gifts from sponsors and diplomas. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of a new collection of our compatriot - a fashion designer AlenaMilan.

First among the best!

This year the prize Luxury Lifestyle Award was part of a unique event for our city and the first week in Vladivostok, fashion and beauty Pacific Style Week in Sport "Champion". The most popular gloss Vladivostok * presented awards to those who form the progressive image of our city, who are actively engaged incharity, those who create a positive image of Vladivostok on the world stage, as well as persons who are developing their own personal potential as well as the potential of our city.

First among the best!

Magazine award "delight", without exaggeration, has become a symbol of positive change, to improve the quality of life of the surrounding social and spiritual space and movement in the future. Most decent people of Primorye and were once again noted and awarded purple crystal - the symbol Award Luxury.

First among the best!

V Award Winners Luxury Lifestyle Award:

Boutique Pinko - Awards Fashion-opening of the year

Beauty Salon Holistic Beauty - Beauty-nominated project of the year

Bar-restaurant "The Owl and the protein" - nominated for "Gourmet-project" of the year

Svetlana Gruzdova - nominated for Fashion-year project

Julia Novikova - nominated for "Impeccable style"

Valeria and Andrei Dolenko - nominated for "Secular couple years,"

Veronica Staheeva - nominated for "Secular Photographer of the Year"

International Jazz Festival - nominated "Cultural Event of the Year"

Yefim Zvenyatsky and theater. Gorky - nomination "For contribution to the reputation of Vladivostok on the world stage", besides special prizes were awarded Kozitskaya Daria, Darina Martynuk and Ukrainian Alexei.

Paul Shugurov - nominated for "Creators of the new appearance of Vladivostok"

Several people and projects have been awarded in the category "Luxury bounty-for philanthropy and charity":

Anton Skoryk (company "Windows-Standard")

The company "Ratimir"

Natalia Izotov (Foundation "Mother")

The action "Sweet dreams - we help the children."

In the special category brand crystals Prize awarded by the Governor of the Primorsky Territory Vladimir Miklushevsky for the APEC summit in Vladivostok and Artem Moyseenko, president of the charitable public organization "The Ark" for the first beauty contest for women with disabilities, "Beauty without borders."

Honorary diploma and a medal of the Foundation "Mama" was awarded the prize organizer, director and chief editor of the "delight" Natalia Karlovskaya

Premium Luxury Lifestyle Award opens the door for those who are making history right now and take responsibility not only for themselves but also for the city in which he lives, for those who want to breathe and live life, evolving in the world of beauty and vibrant emotions.

The magazine "delight" expresses gratitude to those without whom it would not have been at such a high level: Official partner of "Nomos REGIOBANK" General Information Partner Award CTC, the official radio station award Vladivostok FM, "Business-bouquet", the company "Ratimir." Information Partners Award: Internet portal Tysa.ru, Journal of Rabbit, the company PrimMarketing, the company "Ratimir" Far business newspaper "Golden Horn", the company PrimaMedia.ru, business directory 2GIS.

First among the best!

First among the best!

First among the best!

First among the best!

First among the best!

First among the best!

* According to Gallup Media

Опубликовано:   20-05-2013, 19:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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