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Vladivostoktsev call to plant cherry

Vladivostoktsev call to plant cherry

"The city sits down cherries" - action under this title launched in Vladivostok. It was initiated by the head of the seaside capital Igor Pushkarev, who during the work day drew citywide attention with which the desire vladivostoktsy Plant for his hometown.

The mayor decided to join the citizens in this noble and useful business and this Saturday, May 25 invites wishing to contribute to the greening of Vladivostok and put his cherry.

Action "City sadit cherry" will be held in the new green area away from the bridge across the Golden Horn from the cable car. Once there was a vacant lot, which is the municipal workers' Gorzelenstroya "together with the staff of the City Hall on the day of city work day began to revive: 100 cherry trees planted, 30 and 15 larch pines. There are about 200 trees. The head of the city planted in the new green area large spruce.

For Saturday's citywide campaign cherry seedlings gave the Rector of the International University of Vladivostok Hon Chung Woon, which he raised in Sedanka in Vladivostok International School.

Participants positive action "City sadit cherry" did not need to, except for gloves and a good mood. Favorite city can plant trees and gardens, adults and children. Saturday's action is to give citizens a good mood and a pleasant sense of belonging to the transformation of Vladivostok.

Recall, in order to make the seaside capital of green and flourishing city, Igor Pushkarev be unnecessary revived the former administration municipal enterprise "Gorzelenstroy." He came to work in high-level professionals, scientists who know what to do in the city to breathe deeply. They immediately began to care for existing trees and shrubs, and have developed a program on gardening Vladivostok. Every year since, the city planted a million colors, tens of thousands of trees and shrubs. Created lawns, is seasonal pruning of trees, alive and filled with green urban parks. Today, armed with "Gorzelenstroya" special, there are dozens of people who love their work.

Опубликовано:   20-05-2013, 18:20      |      Категория:  eng news

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