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Cruiser "Aurora" repair a billion rubles

Cruiser \"Aurora\" repair a billion rubles Photo: spbfoto.spb.ru

Repair cruiser "Aurora", a symbol of the October Revolution of 1917 will cost a billion rubles, writes Lenta.ru,.

This was stated by Advisor to the Governor of St. Petersburg Captain 1st Rank Igor Kurdin. According to him, the ship repair will be made to non-budgetary funds, which will provide the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Specific terms of repair, "Aurora", according to Kurdina to soon establish Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

The authorities plan to dock and factory repair cruiser with maximum preservation of the historic appearance. The "Aurora" can become a training ship for the Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps and Nakhimov Naval College. In particular, the wardroom will be retrofitted into a classroom, and in the forecastle Cadets will be able to live and learn, "going through the ship's first practice at the legendary" Aurora "."

In early February 2013 it was reported that Russian Defense Ministry intends to dock repair "Aurora", the estimated cost of about 400 million rubles. According to plan, repair, planned to restore the unsinkable cruiser and functionality of all its systems. It was also reported that the repair of the ship could begin in September 2013 and be completed by the summer of 2014.

Following the dock repairs scheduled for a partial restoration of the "Aurora". These studies, which lasted about three years, estimated at seven million rubles. In particular, the ship was planned to install navigation equipment, communications equipment and electronic weapons, as well as diesel-electric propulsion system.


The cruiser "Aurora" was laid in September 1896 and launched in May 1900. With a length of 126.8 meters, width of 16.8 meters and a draft of 6.4 meters the ship could reach speeds of up to 19.2 knot, and the range of its course was about four thousand miles.

At the time of the adoption of the Navy of the Russian Empire "Aurora" had eight guns caliber of 152 millimeters, 24 - 75 millimeters caliber, eight-gauge - 37 - two millimeters and 63.5 millimeters caliber. In addition, the cruiser had three torpedo tubes caliber 381 mm. From the Russian Navy ship was launched in 2010 and the crew abandoned the battle cruiser in October 2012.

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