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Vladivostok residents during the work day put things in purity and beauty in their backyards

Vladivostok residents during the work day put things in purity and beauty in their backyards Photo: Press-service of the Vladivostok

On Saturday, April 27 on a city-wide clean-out hundreds of townspeople, to bring order and beauty in their houses adjoining territories. Become active participants and residents of those households that have applied for the competition "The most friendly yard."

Thus, the inhabitants of the house number 41 on the street Dnieper updated hillsides and green area around the house: removed the old leaves and dry branches of bushes, the car smashed and leveled fresh soil brought by the management company. In the courtyard there are new trees, flower beds ready for planting flowers, and to strengthen the slopes and ordered a large rocky ground, which will serve as a border, and at the same time protect the landing wheels of cars.

A large group of residents of two houses came to the playground in the house on a gently sloping, 50 and 72. Whole families with children together digging up flower beds, planted grass and planted flowers, bleached trees, installed new benches and painted. And on a retaining wall together have created a painting.

Manicured look now hundreds of yards in Vladivostok, where people carefully planted trees, shrubs and flowers, painted curbs, installed fences to protect vegetation around the house. In the courtyard outside Rudnev, 8 and 10 residents have created a "alpine slide". With adults in the general work gladly participated and children.

Results of the contest "The most friendly yard" will be announced on Monday, April 29. Winners will receive a children's swing set, acquired the personal funds of the mayor Igor Pushkarev. In addition, this year at the renovated houses adjoining areas will be installed 30 playgrounds throughout the city.

Опубликовано:   28-04-2013, 12:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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