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The number of public organizations supporting Igor Pushkarev, increased again

The number of public organizations supporting Igor Pushkarev, increased again Photo by Anatoly Filatov

. After receipt of applications in the primaries of the party "United Russia applications from NGOs continues to grow. At present, their number increased to 84 which is almost 27000 people.

Among these youth social movements, social-oriented charities, unions veterans of Primorsky Krai, sports federations and professional groups. Thus, Igor Pushkarev already at the start of the inner-selection became a leader in popular support.

"United Russia" announced the beginning of the procedure of selection of candidates for mayor on March 29. The peculiarity of this preliminary internal party vote will be the possibility of a wide participation of public organizations of Vladivostok. Candidate for the inner-voting can be any member of the party or advocate who is qualified to be elected as head of Vladivostok. The candidate can go on the ballot as a self-nominated or may be nominated by community organizations - partners of the party.

Moreover, the electors that their vote will determine the main contenders for the nomination, 50% will consist of representatives of the Popular Front and the social organizations that have signed an agreement on cooperation with the party "United Russia". Thus, intra-party candidate selection process will be supervised by volunteers, which eliminates the possibility of falsification and manipulation of election results. In addition, this model allows the intra-party vote to select the most qualified candidates that meet the requirements of the general population, not just the party circle.

Acceptance of applications for participation in preliminary internal party vote on the nomination of a candidate in the elections of Vladivostok City Administration of the Party "United Russia" has ended on April 21. Regional Executive Committee of the Party "United Russia" was adopted on 8 statements.

Seaside Business Ombudsman Marina Shemilina passed a statement on Friday, April 19. Previously, their intention to participate in the inner-voting officially notified the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory and Victoria Paul Serebrjakov Nikolaev. Participation in the selection of independent candidates will also Kletskin Alex, sadly, "famous" so that a year ago overturned in Big Stone Victory Parade, and Dmitry Tsarev. Thus, to take part in the voting inner-7 candidates are admitted.

It should be noted that the elections will be held on September 8 not only in Vladivostok, in all municipalities, which will affect the electoral process, the party "United Russia" holds primaries.

Опубликовано:   24-04-2013, 19:10      |      Категория:  eng news

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