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Legendary radio broadcasting extends VBC in Primorye

Legendary radio broadcasting extends VBC in Primorye Photo: Alexander Radashevsky

Motorists are actively moving to Primorye, this week noticed that even approaching the Chernigovka on frequency 1013 FM radio you can catch a new radio station!

As you know, this is a new-forgotten old. One of the iconic station Vladivostok - "Radio ViBiSi" newly conquered territory, expanding the area of broadcasting!

Now broadcasting broadcast in test mode, but from next week, favored by many rock music in excellent quality, sounds on Legendary in Spassk-Far and in nearby towns.

Thus, the "Radio ViBiSi" unites three major cities of Primorye Territory - Vladivostok 1017103.3 Nakhodka, and now Spassk-Far on the frequency 1013 FM!

Why was chosen Spassk? General Director of "Radio ViBiSi" Vyacheslav Bulavin replied

Legendary radio broadcasting extends VBC in Primorye

- Savior-Far - a fast growing city, through which the Trans-Siberian Railway, the city hosts a number of large enterprises - Novospassky cement plant, heating equipment, the enterprise for production and processing of food, develop representative offices of major retailers edge.

Spread the "Radio ViBiSi" it is important first of all for our advertisers, whose business has grown beyond a single city. We, in turn, are willing to provide them with a comfortable service, integrated services. And also, of high-quality rock music now have the opportunity to listen to our radio station, not only online, but also in the office and in the car, at home, or rather, not parting again finding your favorite radio, the music which grew more than one generation of listeners.

"Radio ViBiSi" will be the third FM-radio Spassk. Broadcast is scheduled for around the clock. For quality broadcasting Spassk, and for the fact that the station has taken root in the city and has become a favorite, will meet local partner radio stations - "Firma orbit."

As a major media holding "Firma Orbit" already includes one station, television station and several newspapers.

Said program director of "Firma Orbit" - Alexei Bondarenko:

- Partnership with "Radio ViBiSi" benefited from its unique size and sound quality.

Alex also said that local voice station will not disappoint the audience. Current news and weather reports, interesting, useful and informative, original programs, the most refined taste will accompany students in their daily lives.
Broadcast-quality content has always been a hallmark of the radio station. And above all, thanks to the highly professional staff of the station and its master. This is the secret of longevity and popularity of "Radio ViBiSi."

Traveling on the edge, stay on your favorite wave!

Опубликовано:   16-04-2013, 11:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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