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For failure to comply with safety requirements - large fines

Transport Prosecutor's Office in Nakhodka asked the court to prohibit the operation of hazardous production facilities. Found that "Livadia Repair Shipyard" uses, hoisting machines end of life.

For failure to comply with safety requirements - large fines

Failure to comply with safety rules - large fines

Needed expertise of industrial safety at the plant has not been assessed. In addition, the organization does not comply explore all runways lifting devices, managers and specialists are not certified in the field of industrial safety.

According to these facts in regard to the general director of "Livadia Repair Shipyard" Yuri Badodina and entity filed cases on administrative offenses.
Far Rostechnadzor official administratively liable to a fine of 40 thousand rubles, the company - 500 thousand respectively.

April 22013 Nakhodka city court granted the prosecutor in full. The court's decision in force did not come - said VestiRegion.ru press service of the Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office.

Опубликовано:   3-04-2013, 08:30      |      Категория:  eng news

International Brass Band Festival will be held in Vladivostok
24-04-2013, 17:10, eng news
14 bands from different cities in the region and abroad will perform in the open air in the admiral's square, squares, and the Theater of Sukhanov, sports and waterfront promenade Tsarevich......
Russia calls on North Korea to return to negotiations
13-04-2013, 14:00, eng news
Russian diplomats aware of the potential risk, to intensify efforts to resolve the conflict on the Korean peninsula......
22 June on the territory of the basketball center «Sparta»,
24-06-2013, 12:30, eng news
22 June on the territory of the basketball center «Sparta», located in Садгороде, was the first this year's tournament on street basketball 3 x 3 devoted to the opening of the season. Took part in...
Independent public organization
26-07-2013, 19:00, eng news
Independent public organization "Brownie control" with the support of the All-Russian Council of Local Government is trying to become a mass organization of our city that could, by combining all the...
Today - Radio Day
7-05-2013, 14:20, eng news
The collective agency "Primore24" congratulates all "radio broadcast" colleagues on their professional holiday......
On the road in Primorye in a car accident killed three people
9-07-2013, 17:16, eng news
In the traffic police Ussuriysk last night it was reported that on the track "Ussurijsk - Borisovka" an accident. In an accident in Primorye killed three people arrived at the scene police found that...
At the police station will be
6-04-2013, 17:30, eng news
Do not forget the police and homeless pets. They will be required to "create the conditions"......
Arsenal, 15 of Bagration, 466a, 837/3 Borodino,
18-07-2013, 23:00, eng news
Arsenalna Bagrationa 1546 6a, 837/3 Borodinskaya, 232525 p.22729313341434547 Davydov, 346 6a, 81010a, 121414a, 162020a, 2222a, 242828a, 28b, 28c, 3030a, 3234 Kutuzova, 3 3a, 5 5a 5b, 5c, 718 Avenue...
In the suburbs of Vladivostok found murdered employee of ATS
27-04-2013, 20:00, eng news
Last night in the suburbs of Vladivostok woman's body was found with signs of violent death. She was an employee of the Interior Primorye. According VestiRegion.ru the press service of the MOI of...
Police Major in Primorye saved suicide
12-04-2013, 14:10, eng news
Resident of the village factory in Primorye thanked the district for rescuing his daughter. A district in Primorye saved suicidal woman called the police and reported that her 30-year-old daughter in...

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