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"Ural existentialist" from the "Semantic hallucinations" will give a unique concert in Vladivostok

\"Ural existentialist\" from the \"Semantic hallucinations\" will give a unique concert in Vladivostok Photo: "Semantic Hallucinations"

April 14 at the scene of Mummy Troll Music Bar a concert by the legendary Russian rock group "Semantic hallucinations".

The group gathered in Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg) in August 1989. Soon they were in the Sverdlovsk Rock Club, after which the organization ceased to exist. Songs "SG" quickly went to the people: they can be heard in underground passages, and in the corridors of student dormitories.

For ninety around "SG" was formed a community of forward-thinking people, and the group has grown into the category of these cultural phenomena, independently creating their own new environment, so at the turn of centuries raised a new wave of cultural expansion of the Urals, and with it a new wave of interest in Uralic culture.

"Semantic Hallucinations" - a frequent guest of major Russian music festivals, including a regular participant in the country's biggest rock festival "Invasion." In 2010 "Semantic hallucinations" were declared "Talisman" Invasion ", as were the only group to take part in all the festivals.

In May 2011 the band released the album" Made in the Dark. "Two tracks from the album - "The Last Day of the Earth" and "demons" were filmed. End of 2011 was marked by another single from the "dark" album: the song "immerse" won the "Chart Dozen" in the "Leader of the charts."


In 2012 the band took part in the creation of several films. song "Demons" was the title track film by Alexei Fedorchenko "Hronoglaz" and "immerse" was performed in the series Valeria Gai Germanicus "Short course happy life" . At the moment we are working on another soundtrack - music "Semantic hallucinations" can be heard in the movie "Territory".

Also in 2012 were published songs such as "Everything will magically" and a cover of composition Boris Grebenshikov "I can not take my eyes off you", written specially for the anniversary tribute album "Aquarium". refilled and discography in April on the shelves of music shops around the greatest hits album, released by the "Monolith", and in early December, the release of the album "Songs for the salvation of the World", the track list is a group made up yourself. Making this CD is composed entirely of photos Constantine Lekomtseva

One of the highlights of 2012 was the opening of Yekaterinburg Media Lab SGTRK , whose founders were members of the "Semantic hallucinations." Media Lab designed to combine the creative talents of the city. SGTRK Media-Lab includes an audio studio to record any projects, video-production with the large stationary "green room" outside the MKAD, rehearsal and e vent-agency.

Today, the group has already published six full-length albums. Composition of the team does not change from 2008 when the Sergei Bobuntsu and Constantine Lekomtseva joined guitarist Eugene Gantimurov , bassist Nicholas Rotov and drummer. Maxim Mitenkov In this part of the group has not only gained a "second wind ", and has acquired a sound concept. system of its own contemporary world group defines as" Ural existentialism. "

Currently the group is in its best form of the concert, as evidenced by numerous reviews of journalists and the public on social networking and music media.





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