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Idle plant in Vladivostok have to earn again

Idle plant in Vladivostok have to earn again

Meeting with the heads of large companies had the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev.

Topic was the availability inthese enterprises industrial sites for new facilities, as well as the possibility of producing existing production capacities for urban use.

The meeting was attended by the heads of "Dalpribor", "Plant" Varyag ", JSC" Emerald ", JSC" Vladivostok plant production companies "and others.

According to Igor Pushkarev, the experience of the existing industrial area on the base assembly plant "Sollers" shows that different production may well develop in areas of existing businesses.

According to the production manager, despite the fact that enterprises reappeared defense contracts, as well as developing civilian production, remains a significant reserve of industrial space to create new lines. In this case, all the plants are experiencing an acute shortage of qualified engineers and skilled workers, so the issue of revival of the system of training needs to be addressed at the regional and federal levels.

Thorough discussion of the issue turned on the issue on the basis of local businesses products essential urban economy, which has been actively developed and renewed. As emphasized Igor Pushkarev, the city is currently one of the largest customers in the region. The farm in the municipality of large quantities are needed, above all, concrete structures - staircases, trays, repair and construction of drainage, construction of retaining walls, as well as all kinds of steel structures, advanced materials for road maintenance, support and lamp lighting, arrangement of the elements of road infrastructure, manholes, trash cans, benches and more.

While local manufacturers can offer only a few positions, so almost everything has to take from other regions and even from abroad, which affects the price. Learn to produce bulk products on the spot, with high quality and at competitive prices - an important task for businesses. And for the city - it is jobs and taxes. Administration in this situation may make the customer and the customer - in law and, above all, the Federal Law № 94-FZ on public procurement.

The correctness of the approach - to support local manufacturers of products for the procurement of municipal services - confirmed the general director of JSC "Plant" Varyag "Yevgeny Leonov. He said that cooperation with the municipal utilities in the factory going, even created a special production facility repair hydraulics on road engineering.

General Director of JSC "Dalpribor" Roman Titkov pointed rigid 94th Federal Procurement Law. The company is ready to provide products that are not just coming to the municipal contests, but due to high production costs and the use of better and more often expensive materials, lost on price. Meanwhile, Roman said Titkov, studies show that every job in the industry creates 18-20 jobs in other sectors, including in education, medicine, and culture.

One of the instruments by which the municipal authority can help local businesses, would be the introduction of reduced preferential rates of land tax. Head of the city reported that the administration of Vladivostok draft Act on the introduction of the land tax exemptions for new industries in Vladivostok.

In addition, at the regional level is substantively discussed introducing a "tax holiday" for the Far Eastern companies. Involves the establishment of preferential tax rates on business property tax and income tax attributable to the regional budget for new facilities in the Primorsky Territory.

Following the meeting, taking into account the interest of the administration of Vladivostok in the development of local production business leaders reaffirmed their intention to seek all possible ways to expand the list of goods produced for urban and active cooperation with the Administration of Vladivostok.

Опубликовано:   20-03-2013, 09:18      |      Категория:  eng news

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