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"Experimenting on the officials have, not the ordinary people" - the governor of Primorye

\"Experimenting on the officials have, not the ordinary people\" - the governor of Primorye

Next Thursday, at 16:00 in the Primorsky Territory Administration held a regular meeting of the public advisory council on the quality of housing services. One of the mainissues on the agenda - part of Primorsky Krai in the pilot project for the transition to a social norm consumption.

This issue is brought up for discussion of experts on the initiative of the governor edge Vladimir Miklushevsky . He believes that such a serious step can not be done without a balanced assessment of the possible consequences, and considering the opinion of the inhabitants of the region. "We must make sure that the citizens were not injured. Aexperiment should be on the officials, not ordinary people "- said the head of the region.

Vladimir Miklushevsky instructed the vice-governor of Alexander Kostenko carefully consider part of Primorye in the pilot project, and to take measures to comply with orders of the President of the Russian Federation on the prevention of growth utility tariffs by more than 6 percent a year.

Recall Primorye included in the number of pilot regions, where in July 2013 it was planned to use the social norm consumption. Currently, this form of metering in the Primorsky Territory does not apply.

The essence of the social norm is that a certain amount of power (social norm), to establish a certain rate. For electricity consumed in excess of the social norm, will have to pay higher rates. According to the authors of the project, the introduction of a social norm will encourage citizens to save energy and use energy-efficient appliances in the home.

" The transition to the social norms of electricity consumption should be delayed at least a year "- Says Secretary of Primorsky branch of the party" United Russia " Lyudmila Talabaeva .

According to her, in the calculation of the social rate of consumption must be considered northern areas, where often there is no central heating, and residents have to heat their home electric heating appliances. It is also necessary to take into account legally prescribe the calculation for accidental loss of heating and hot water in the major cities to scheduled repairs or sudden disconnection of hot water did not respond to residents unfeasible amounts to excessive energy consumption.

Lyudmila Talabaeva noted that the greatest burden of payment may lie on the residents of dilapidated buildings that have already been worn out by forced to use additional heating appliances and water heaters.

" In the discussion of this issue among the members of the party "United Russia" the impression that part of our land in the pilot project is not yet well established. On the one hand, we fully support the President's initiative on the prevention of the growth of utility rates, and in this case the standards are limiting growth factor. On the other hand the lack of elaboration of the question in the field can lead to serious social and economic consequences. Social norm should be the result of careful calculation and analysis of consumption, taking into account all the possible factors unpredictable. "- Noted Lyudmila Talabaeva .

The introduction of the social norm of consumption of electricity is not supported and the deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Region. The issue was discussed at a meeting of the committee on social policy and protection of citizens' rights. But in the discussion of the deputies formed the view that the involvement of Primorsky Krai in the pilot project for the transition to a social norm of energy consumption is not yet well established. There is not enough information about the purpose and results of the transition, is not clear and the approach to tariff for Excess consumption.

Common concern as regional, and municipal deputies against communal experiment announced chairman of the regional parliament Victor Gorchakov . He noted that the administration of the region is going to monitor the situation very seriously.

" The governor said straight out that you can not experiment on ordinary people - says Viktor Gorchakov. - There is a direct order of the President of the country on the prevention of the growth of utility rates. Therefore, Vladimir Miklushevsky requested all interested parties to carefully work through part of Primorsky Krai in the pilot project ".

Deputy Sergei Slepchenko believes that the residents of the northern territories, where there is no gas and alternative energy sources, the experiment would suffer: "Our concern, we are ready to bring to the Russian Government. Deterioration in the living conditions of the northerners are not allowed. "

Now the question is the introduction of the social norm to be considered experts.

Опубликовано:   19-03-2013, 10:15      |      Категория:  eng news

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