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For the construction of five-star hotels in Vladivostok "asked" 500000000

For the construction of five-star hotels in Vladivostok \"asked\" 500000000

For the early completion of the construction in Vladivostok two five-star hotels and conduit from Pushkin depression on the Russian island will be allocated from the budget of Primorye additional 500 million rubles.

March 19 at the meeting of the Committee of the Legislative Assembly of the Economic Policy and Property deputies considered amendments to the law "On the regional target program" Development of Vladivostok as a center for international cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region "in 2008-2019 years."

The bill calls for an increase in funding for the early completion of the five-star hotels in the Cape and rapid Ship Quay in Vladivostok. Completion of these facilities will require an additional 300 million rubles. In this case, a hotel complex at Cape Burny will have the status of resort-style hotels, and the Shipboard waterfront - business type.

During the discussion, parliamentarians interested deadlines hotels, and what tools are needed for completion of construction and the form of ownership will have new hotel complexes.

According to Vice-Governor Vladimir Balan, hotels will pass into service in 2013. The construction of one of them will be completed by the June 1. After completion it will be transferred to private ownership in order to pay all the costs of the regional budget. Another hotel remains the property of the Primorsky Territory.

" Money to complete the construction necessary to allocate , - Said the deputy Dmitry Novikov - Four years ago it was decided to build a hotel, they should be built. But, at the same time, you need to know exactly what will these 300 million. Moreover, you must make a thorough audit of expenditure of all funds invested in the construction. And we must be clear on how you use the hotel after the completion of ".

In addition, the bill would make funds from the regional budget for the completion of the water line from Pushkin groundwater deposits in the Russian island. As Vladimir Balan, from the federal budget for these purposes will be allocated 1.5 billion rubles. But the necessary funds in the amount of 200 million rubles in sofinisirovaniya from the regional budget.

MPs agreed to provide the necessary money to in 2013 among students and faculty on the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University and the residents of the Russian island appeared in the taps clean water.

" Finish building the hotel and put into service water line on the Russian island to , - Said the deputy Sergey Kondrashov - On it is a lot of money spent and if freeze construction, the money will be wasted. Then to look for ways to implement one of the hotels. It needs to sell as much as possible is beneficial to supplement the regional budget ".

Опубликовано:   19-03-2013, 09:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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