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American universities are determined to attract young people to their seaside audience and campuses

American universities are determined to attract young people to their seaside audience and campuses
American universities are determined to attract young people to their seaside audience and campuses
American universities are determined to attract young people to their seaside audience and campuses
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Dennis Boyle, head of the regional office of the American Councils for International Education,
, Pointed out that such an exhibition - is a big plus for the littoral, and American universities:

- Universities in the U.S. are very interested to young Russians came to America to study our culture, history and language. Why do they want it? Herein lies the opportunity - to learn how other people think that they are interested in, what they want, it's like a fresh breeze. In addition, education - it is also a business. Therefore, each institution concerned to demonstrate their appeal in order to attract their audiences as much talented and thoughtful young people.

According to Mr. Boyle, Vladivostok and Primorye are very attractive to the United States that, in light of recent events - the APEC summit, the parliamentary forum, investment growth - a popular seaside capital in the international community has increased significantly. And the United States wants to participate in these processes.

But, as it turned out, the ideal situation would be not only "we have for you," but "you are to us." Although, while young Americans are not as active storms our universities as a Russian -
American. Americans in their general mass somehow afraid of foreign language. While there are pleasant exceptions.
For instance, Jeff Bell, who received a diploma at the University of Virginia with a degree "International relations", for six months to study Russian in the walls VSUES:

The U.S. is interested in experts with knowledge of the Russian language. And at first I combined my future profession and study of language. But the passion for diplomacy had subsided, and the love and interest in the Russian language remains. Vladivostok -
great place to learn the Russian language. At the same Moscow very much English-speaking people, besides - it's a big city, vanity, all in a hurry. This is the rhythm of life, are very kind and open people. I am very pleased that learning Russian in Vladivostok.

Despite the fact that the exhibition of U.S. universities held in Vladivostok only the second time, among its exhibitors has its "old guys" - is from the Ohio University College of Art and Design in Savannah. This is just underscores the fact that the Primorye, really interesting overseas universities.

- Far East and Siberia - is a completely new area, a new market and new opportunities for us, - shares his thoughts on the second already graying Vladivostok
Kelly Konkzel - Coordinator of International Programs of the University of Ohio
. - We love Russian youth with these guys great to work - they want to learn, they are decent and friendly, open and active. Hardly worth 1 - 2 trips immediately expect a mass influx of Primorye in our university. Before the children and their parents are aware of the benefits will be able to make a choice, it may take several years. And we are determined to continue to come here. Participation in these shows - a good investment for the future and the university, and youth.

- Previously, representatives of American universities looked at Russia with some caution - the myths about the hard life in Russia, full of challenges and dangers did the trick. They could not understand, why we can find attractive. But as it turned out, "devil is not so bad as he is painted." And our guys are going to study abroad,
and American students come to us. And many are really interested in, and culture and education in the U.S., seeking to expand their horizons, improve intelligence. Moreover, among the exhibitors there are those institutions that have come to us is not the first time, and it pleases - noted
Education USA Center Coordinator Elena Vereykina.
- We are happy to go and children, and parents, ask questions, show a clear interest. Want to express my confidence that next year will be bigger and universities, and visitors.

It should be added that, according to the organizers, the three hours it was visited by a little more than 400 people.

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