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Drive on the left Vladivostok on the court will have to eliminate

Drive on the left Vladivostok on the court will have to eliminate
The prosecutor's office in Vladivostok audited law changes in 2012 the scheme of traffic in the city district.
The audit found that in some parts of the urban district road traffic management scheme does not comply with traffic laws.

Thus, according to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, the terms "direction" and "corresponding to the direction of motion" means the right, if in accordance with national legislation, the driver of a vehicle shall allow an oncoming vehicle to pass it to the left. Otherwise, the terms mean the left. Federal Law "On the Road Safety", in turn, determined that on the roads of the Russian Federation shall drive on the right vehicle.

However, the section of the road on the street. Mordovtseva (from the street. Aleutian to Ocean Prospekt) in Vladivostok since August 2012 modified scheme of road users: drivers of vehicles moving on the street. Mordovtseva toward Ocean Avenue that required to move the left side of the roadway.

As explained
Senior Assistant Attorney edge Elena Telegin,
Considering that the deviation from the uniform rules of traffic violates the rights and legitimate interests of an indefinite number of persons on traffic safety prosecutor of the relevant claim is directed to the administration of Vladivostok.

The court agreed with the position of the prosecutor's office, satisfying in full the stated claims. By decision of the Leninsky District Court on the administration of the city has the responsibility to organize traffic on the section of the road on the street. Mordovtseva (from the street. Aleutian to Ocean Prospekt) in Vladivostok in a way that would prevent the movement of vehicles on the side of the road do not meet the legal direction of travel.

Currently, the judgment in force did not come.

Опубликовано:   13-03-2013, 03:00      |      Категория:  eng news

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