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Modern fish market finally appears in Vladivostok

Modern fish market finally appears in Vladivostok Photo: IA Primore24

As reported in the department of fisheries and aquatic resources, the construction of another fish market in Vladivostok is also seen in the area near the Embankment Tsarevich under the support of the bridge across the Golden Horn.

Also today, in Vladivostok identified 15 sites where fresh fish products sell company specializing in coastal fisheries.

Recall, the initiative to build a modern fish market in Vladivostok belongs Primorye Territory Vladimir Miklushevsky .

" I believe that this is not serious when the port city does not have a fish market. Therefore, the work on its construction we will start in 2013 "- Said the head of the region.

Vladimir Miklushevsky stressed that today Primorye scored good pace in catching water. Thus, for 2012 the amount of processing and preserving of fish and seafood products totaled 664000 tonnes, including canned food, or 101.8 percent of the level in 2011. The total catch of marine biological resources fishing enterprises of Primorye Territory grew by 8 percent, or by 58600 tons to reach 831900 tons. This is the best result of the catch in the last 10 years.

" By 2017 we plan to increase the volume of fish processing in nine. We are also considering projects for modernization and construction of new industries from foreign investors "- Said the governor.

Опубликовано:   7-03-2013, 08:33      |      Категория:  eng news

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