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Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for Primorsky

Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for Primorsky Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for Primorsky Krai and Sakhalin Oblast returned to China more than 22 tons of partially contaminated fruit and vegetable production. Edible products such as peppers, tomatoes, apples, pomelo, nectarines, peaches, grapes, pears, plums and melons are not logged pest control: part of imported agricultural products infested plant pest concern to the quarantine status of the Russian Federation, which is the eastern moth. As the press service of the department, laboratory tests have confirmed that the east moth infestation has undergone 1.5 tons of peaches.

Ivan the Terrible, RIA "VladNews"

Опубликовано:   4-09-2013, 15:46      |      Категория:  eng news

Variety Competition
10-04-2013, 16:50, eng news
Guys who choose to audition, will be able to write your own song in a professional studio and get into radio rotation......
About the incident to the police said the mother
17-06-2013, 14:45, eng news
About the incident to the police said the mother of the child. On a place of incident has left an investigative team. We are searching for the body of the deceased child. Police establish all the...
Immediately two long-liver in Primorye congratulated Vladimir Putin
15-03-2013, 06:40, eng news
Resident finds Eudoxia M. Lukhanin celebrated its 103 birthday. Primorye residents happy birthday congratulated Vladimir Putin Biography women eventful. During the Civil War, her father died, she...
Vladivostok detained psycho in body armor
26-03-2013, 14:40, eng news
A man has been convicted, now it is registered by a psychiatrist, so it is not known whether it will be tried for an attack on a police or sent for compulsory treatment......
Об этом сообщило издание Wall Street Journal. Речь
3-07-2013, 16:00, eng news
Об этом сообщило издание Wall Street Journal. Речь идет о создании одной из четырёх игорных зон в России. Это «Приморье» в Приморском крае, «Азов-сити» в Краснодарском крае, «Сибирская монета» на...
22-04-2013, 12:10, eng news
With your latest issue of "CHIEF TIME", with a new set of facts and conclusions about the philosophy of success. Open, read, think......
Seashore and foreign tourist industry at the exhibition PITE saw with whom they will soon have to cooperate
20-05-2013, 13:40, eng news
Students maritime universities in the "Tourism and hospitality: a step in the profession," revealed knowledge and communication with the profession......
The Prosecutor's office of Terneisky Raion audited
10-06-2013, 16:47, eng news
The Prosecutor's office of Terneisky Raion audited the enforcement of labour legislation in the activity of the enterprise - Пластунский plot Тернейского branch state enterprise of Primorsky Krai...
Double murder committed in Arsenyev
9-04-2013, 13:00, eng news
April 8 in an apartment on the streets in the world in Arsenyev found dead men born in 1971 and women born in 1952 with a lot of stab wounds of the chest. Double murder committed in Arsenyev on this...
Preventive operations
18-09-2013, 15:22, eng news
Preventive operations "resort" was launched on the territory of Primorye June 1 and runs until October 1. However, now we summarize the work of the police officers involved in the operation in the...

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