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Retirees are invited to get the governor of Primorye pay

Nearly 524 million rubles were spent on the edge lump of social payments to pensioners Maritime .

Retirees are invited to get the governor of Primorye pay

Retirees are invited to receive payment of

Such information in the first eight months provided in the department of labor and social development of the region.

According to experts, the main peak of payments was in the beginning of the year. One-time assistance in the amount of 900 rubles were 570000 pensioners.

202 thousand citizens of the payment remitted through credit institutions, the rest of the money brought into the house of postal workers.

However, the postman could not be found at home for various reasons, 4400 recipients. More than 1700 retirees have closed their accounts in credit institutions. Funds were returned to the account department.

Department experts remind: one-time financial assistance in the amount of 900 rubles each pensioner put Primorsky Krai.

If you for whatever - reason did not receive this payment - refer to the territorial divisions of the Department of Labor and Social Development of the Primorsky Territory of residence.

Retirees are invited to get the governor of Primorye pay

Опубликовано:   4-09-2013, 15:31      |      Категория:  eng news

Two new park will be in Vladivostok this year
3-04-2013, 08:20, eng news
Because of budget adjustment this year in the city will build two new parks and recreational park design time on the peninsula Nazimova will be shifted......
Performance of brass bands in the city squares -
25-07-2013, 21:01, eng news
Performance of brass bands in the city squares - another area of the "Beijing friendly", which started on June 28. This weekend live music once again will delight residents and visitors alike. So,...
The fountain on the waterfront in Vladivostok Sports earned a test mode
26-04-2013, 12:30, eng news
Preparing fountains began on April 12. Then they were filled with special means to prevent rust. Fountain is going to run on May 1. (PHOTOS)......
Vladivostok folk musician, having made a traffic accident,
24-04-2013, 23:20, eng news
On Wednesday, April 24 at about 16:00 in the area of the stop "Dalpress" of an accident involving two cars Toyota Camry and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. As the VL.ru, musician Sergey Zykov, while...
New contemporary art gallery built in the admiral's park in Vladivostok
18-04-2013, 14:20, eng news
In the coming days, the project will focus on the state examination, and then begin construction of the project......
The girl threw herself in Vladivostok from the 10th floor
13-06-2013, 16:46, eng news
Last night on the street in Vladivostok Nevel from the 10th floor clears 25 year old girl. 25-year-old girl jumped from the 10th floor of the Women's cries heard several residents of a multistory...
August 18 in the duty of the Department of Internal Affairs of Russia Shkotovsky
19-08-2013, 18:47, eng news
August 18 in the duty of the Department of Internal Affairs of Russia Shkotovsky area was reported that during an excursion on Mount Pidan Shkotovsky area with about 15-00 to 18-00 lost DPRK citizen....
In January 2013 the District Court in The Nadezhda was
12-09-2013, 08:00, eng news
In January 2013 in the Nadezhda District Court lawsuit was filed three applications for recognition of the actions of the municipal administration of the Nadezhda district on the formation of the...
Municipal bus number 44-D today began
31-08-2013, 01:31, eng news
Municipal bus number 44-D today began carrying passengers on the line "Coal - Spring - Second River." This - not duplicating other municipal route - № 45 which runs from Coal Train Station. Because...
The Chinese wanted to smuggle in millions of Russian rubles
20-09-2013, 18:12, eng news
Ussuri customs office filed two criminal cases against Chinese citizens. The reason - the attempt to smuggle a large amount of Russian rubles and foreign currency. Two are for the import of Chinese...

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