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During the day, in the Primorsky Territory there were 11 fires

For the past day in the Primorsky Territory there were 11 fires, killed and injured there. In fighting the fire involved 67 personnel and 18 vehicles.

During the day, in the Primorsky Territory there were 11 fires

11 fires occurred in Primorye

per day.

During Vladivostok on the street last night Neybuta burned stall. Burned 10 square meters. meters of space. Cause of the fire - Pantry, stabbed paper. In the fire were 10 people and 3 pieces of equipment, no one was hurt.

On the street Mahalina at noon on fire "Toyota-East." By the time the fire was burning in the machine front panel, part salon, engine. After 9 minutes the fire was extinguished.
The car "Toyota Vitz" and burned in the street Ussurijsk civilian. The fire was eliminated before the arrival of firefighters.

At half past midnight on the remote attendant, it was reported that on the beach Tunguska in Nakhodka lit boat garage. Fire in Nakhodka Bay Tungus. After half an hour the fire was contained and fully extinguished in 0240. Burned 10 square meters. meters of space. No one is hurt.

And in the holiday village "Builder" here in Nakhodka abandoned house on fire. The announcement of this came to 0722. Firefighters arrived at the scene 10 minutes later, a fire destroyed a 2 - m. meters of space.
Garage and fuel in it caught fire in Slavyanka. Message to the fire department arrived at 0245. Completely failed to deal with a fire at 0418. With fire on an area of 25 square meters. 5 meters to the right and fire two cars.
In Ussuriysk Street Battle at three o'clock on fire shed. After 15 minutes, the fire was extinguished by four people.
On the street in the village of Strelnikova factory burned an abandoned boiler room, the message was received at 1035. The fire was extinguished 4 people and 1 item. No one is hurt.

The summer kitchen was blazing at night in the house on Komsomolskaya Street in the village of Lenin. Burned 12 square meters. meter structure.
Wiring caught fire on the track "Osinovka-Ore Dock." The village Anuchino about half past three in the morning on fire extension to the cafe "Ararat". Firefighters evacuated one person - VestiRegion.ru reported the press service of the MES of Russia Primorsky Krai.

During the day, in the Primorsky Territory there were 11 fires

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