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Palo Students can now get on campus easier

Palo Students can now get on campus easier Palo Students can now get on campus easier and faster. Buses on new routes followed with three different areas of the city. This is number 74 ("Balyaeva - Palo»), № 75 ("Children's Park - Palo") and number 76 ("Quiet Cove - Palo"). New bus routes serve the brand «Hyundai» Release 2011-2012. Capacity of each - 80 passengers. As the press service of the city of Vladivostok, at the same time increased to 15 the number of buses operating on route number 15 ("Pokrovsky Park - Palo"). Here, too, the new transport passengers buses - municipal, DM MAN for up to 110 passengers. Continue to work and "low" bus routes linking Egersheld Second River and other areas of the city. Since they are now students and staff FEFU can change to bus number 157475 and 76 then to get to the university on the island of Russian. It routes number 1 "Academic - Okatova - Cape Anne», № 4 "Bus station - Kalinin - Okatova», № 82 "Plant" Varyag "- Okatova -" Varyag "and the number 62" Beacon - Okatova - Labor. " As the press service of the city of Vladivostok in September of transport management experts Vladivostok Administration will monitor the work of these new and existing bus routes to determine the optimal parameters of passengers.

Опубликовано:   2-09-2013, 18:16      |      Категория:  eng news

10-04-2013, 14:50, eng news
Program participants, connect "Avtoplatezh" May 31 inclusive, for two months will be charged an additional bonus of 1% of the amount of each payment for the service......
On Thursday in Vladivostok chance of rain and snow, strong wind
18-04-2013, 09:00, eng news
In the region at night, rain, rain in places in the afternoon (rain and snow). Wind northwest, west and moderate. Temperatures of +2 -11 ° C, the day +4 +9 ° C......
Part of Vladivostok on the day will be left without cold
11-09-2013, 09:03, eng news
Part of Vladivostok on the day will be left without cold water because of planned work on the installation of the pipeline and valves in the pumping stations, "Ermine" and "Country". Disabling...
Changes to the bylaws of Primorye
27-03-2013, 12:10, eng news
Today in the Primorye Territory has opened a session of Parliament. MPs considered the first reading amendments to the Charter of Primorsky Krai. MPs will report the income from this year elected...
In the village Cheremshano rescuers brought extra food rations
29-07-2013, 18:15, eng news
To assist residents in the village Cheremshano left a group of rescuers who bring people to an additional supply of products. At the entrance to the village continue to rebuild the road transport is...
Recycling in the Russian offer to extend to various products
19-04-2013, 19:00, eng news
The Commission considers that this is contrary to WTO rules, although in Europe itself this "tax" exists......
Igor Pushkarev set the task to repair the bridge without Rudnevsky closures
2-04-2013, 06:10, eng news
All work will be carried out under the bridge, which will not interfere with motorists. Similar technology has been successfully used in the reconstruction of the bridge over the river Ussuri....
19-06-2013, 18:01, eng news
In the regional government held a meeting of the organizing committee for the preparation of the International Film Festival "Pacific Meridian". This year, well-known actors, directors and writers...
As reported in the прессслужбе administration of Primoryeя
25-06-2013, 12:16, eng news
As reported in the прессслужбе administration of Primoryeь refers to the land of three towns and one city district. Boom will appear at the municipal beach of the village of Slavyanka Bay Cormorantа...
People are actively leaving the Primorye
13-05-2013, 13:31, eng news
According Primorskstata population in the region has steadily declined. Out-migration from the Maritime According to January 1 of this year, a resident population of 1947.3 thousand people, including...

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