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Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai Viktor

Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai Viktor Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai Viktor Gorchakov discussed with the director of the Institute for Social Development in Europe and Asia with the Development Research Center of the State Council, China's former Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Mr. Li Fenglin prospects for further cooperation between the two territories. The delegation of Chinese scholars during his visit to the Maritime raises serious policy issues. How stable is the political situation in the region and what are the main points of growth of industrial production? What local projects can be implemented as a developing cultural and educational contacts? This is not the whole list of questions. Mr. Li Fenglin said that he was not in Vladivostok for the first time, and shared his impressions about the changes in the capital of Primorye: "The city much prettier. Very quickly changing his appearance. " Victor Gorchakov stressed that it is the decision of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the 2012 APEC summit in Vladivostok has played a major role in the change. Large federal projects in anticipation of a major international forum brought the city to a new level, have an incentive to people who helped to keep the pace of economic growth even during the crisis of 2008-2009. "Now it is important to keep up the momentum. Create the most favorable climate for foreign investors. Governor of the region, members give this priority in their work ", - said Victor Gorchakov. Among the key growth areas of the economy Primorye regional parliament speaker outlined: the transport component, petrochemical, car assembly, the fishing sector, agriculture and shipbuilding. "As for the shipbuilding industry, we hope to restore the planned rates. Expected to focus on the production of tankers. And here is the question of forming a new class of ship builders with the help of foreign experts, "- shared his plans Viktor Gorchakov. The head of the Chinese delegation said that it is one of the most promising initiatives. China is now one of the leaders in civil shipbuilding. And experts from neighboring countries can provide strong support for maritime colleagues to share a great experience. The meeting also discussed the complexities and possible effects of Russia's accession to the WTO. This step should be the basis for trade cooperation between the two countries. However, compliance with international standards - a complicated procedure. Another common problem of the two economies, a large number of intermediaries in agriculture. This greatly increases the prices for the products, and the manufacturers themselves are at a loss. Continuing the conversation, Mr. Li Fenglin noted the importance of regional cooperation it. To do this, set up a good foundation in the framework of public diplomacy. A large contribution to this made the deputies of the Parliament of the seaside. "We have a common understanding and commitment. We need to work together to do good for the people, "- said Li Fenglin. Victor Gorchakov said that in early September in Vladivostok will host IV Forum Regional Legislative Assembly and Assembly of People's Representatives of the North-East Asia. The main theme of the international meeting, "Creating an enabling environment for cooperation, joint support for the region." The Forum participants will discuss new aspects of regional cooperation in Northeast Asia, the metabolic processes in various fields, affect environmental issues. The audience will include an overview of inter-regional cooperation in Northeast Asia, the Tumen Initiative, a report on the development of Vladivostok as a center for international cooperation.

Eugene Zhitnikova, RIA «VladNews»

Опубликовано:   2-09-2013, 18:16      |      Категория:  eng news

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