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The Academy of Emergency opened on the island in the Russian Primorye

September 1 to Russian island of hosted the opening ceremony of the Far East Fire and Rescue Academy of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

The Academy of Emergency opened on the island in the Russian Primorye

The Academy opened in Emergencies Primorye

The celebration was attended by Russian Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov, Director General of the Maritime Territory, Major General Alexander Agafonov domestic service, as well as representatives of regional and city administrations.

Establishment of the academy due to the need for training highly qualified for the Far East Emergencies Ministry. The official status of the college received March 1 this year.

In the process of training Far East Fire and Rescue Academy of the Russian Emergencies Ministry will work closely with Palo. Today, in the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of future specialists are trained seven universities.

In the Far East are taught in "Fire Safety" with the qualification - "Engineer of Fire". Here, the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge will have 125 students.

The Academy of Emergency opened on the island in the Russian Primorye

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