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Car accident in the Primorye Territory has claimed the lives of two people

Not far from the seaside village of Pokrovka car accident occurred in which two people died.

Car accident in the Primorye Territory has claimed the lives of two people

In an accident at Primorye

people died.

29-year-old driver of Toyota Sprinter Carib lost control, drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a motor vehicle Toyota Kluger.

Carib driver died at the accident scene, his two passengers - a man and a woman - were taken to hospital with serious injuries. Later, a male passenger died.

61-year-old driver Kluger is also in the hospital, his injuries of the chest and spine - said the press service VestiRegion.ru UGIBDD Russia for the Primorye Territory.

The cause of another accident that killed people, was to come off at the gimbal jeep. On the track Nakhodka-Lazo-Olga-Kavalerovo September 1 encountered four cars. The car Toyota Land Cruiser pulled driveshaft, she rolled over into the oncoming lane, where there was a clash with Isuzu Forward - VestiRegion.ru reported the press service of the regional traffic police.

Forward driver lost control and collided with a tangentially extending over a Jeep Kia Bongo and Suzuki Escudo.V accident killed 22-year-old passenger Escudo, 18-year-old girl admitted to the hospital with a concussion and a fractured hip, the driver and a concussion. Forward driver also was hospitalized with a head injury and multiple abrasions.

Car accident in the Primorye Territory has claimed the lives of two people

Опубликовано:   2-09-2013, 17:30      |      Категория:  eng news

Disability Rights in Primorye defended prosecutors
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Lesozavodsk prosecutors in Primorye has reviewed, the results of which revealed that in the area do not respect the law in terms of ensuring free access of wheelchair users to social infrastructure....
Overturned jeep was removed from the railway tracks in Vladivostok
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Chapter Khorolsky region Gubaidullin Alex was presented with a certificate to the regional capital of the parent family is rare. According to the department of labor and social development of the...
Boundary-value test found no violations of protective forest logging on Bikini
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WWF ecologists have collected 100000 signatures to stop cutting, but so far their efforts are futile......
Organizers of the
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Presidential elections will be held in Vladivostok September 82013. The candidate of the party "United Russia" will definitely take part in them. In order to push the election of the most worthy, the...
Residents, who have offered the most interesting project of the improvement of
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Residents, who have offered the most interesting project of the improvement of your home can get on its implementation million rubles. «Who better knows what needs to be done in the house? Of course,...
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With the proposal to appoint the date on September 8 addressed Mikhail Veselov, Chairman of the Committee on local self-government, law and order and legality. The MP explained that the proposed date...
In 2014 intra-network roaming in Russia can be canceled
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