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empty Far Eastern Federal University on about.

empty Far Eastern Federal University on about. empty Far Eastern Federal University on about. Russian to receive the students and teachers in the walls ready. This was the rector of Palo Sergei Iwaniec said during a press conference. - A few days left before school starts, and we are 24 hours a day use to bring everything you need until you are ready. However, we are aware that such a huge structure as the Federal University is just starting to grow roots, and therefore ready to tackle all the issues that are in the process of this arrangement appear, - said Sergey Rector Palo Iwaniec. Academic year will begin at the new campus on about. Russian, which was built for the APEC summit in 2012. At the time of commencement of work in the summer of 2009 the island was separated from Vladivostok territory in which there were no sources of centralized water supply, heat supply, gas supply, sewage treatment, in the required amount of electrical power. All this created huge difficulties that have managed to overcome the contracting authority - PKU "Far Eastern Directorate of the Ministry of Regions of Russia" and the general contractor in the person of JSC "Crocus". A year ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin handed over the symbolic key to the students of the Federal University campus. In August of this year, Palo fully completed the planned move on about. Russian. September 3 classes will begin in the new buildings. The total area of the campus FEFU. Russian with landscape parkland and promenade is 200 hectares. The structure of the campus includes more than 300 buildings and buildings of more than 940 thousand square meters. m, including 11 residential buildings, designed for permanent residence 10.5 thousand teachers and students. The campus is at the same time can hold up to 30 thousand people. In addition to teaching, administrative and residential buildings, the campus has a mass of Palo sports infrastructure - both indoor and outdoor, where you can develop more than 30 sports.

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Such right of the family with the birth of the third gain
12-08-2013, 16:37, eng news
Such right of the family with the birth of the third gain (subsequent) child. Recall that the basis for the design of the manual - the average family income must not exceed the value of per capita...
28-year-old resident of Primorye mercilessly killed a 14-year-old girl
17-04-2013, 17:00, eng news
Now in a criminal case the complex of the original investigation......
Palo worker will stand trial for bribery
5-09-2013, 18:01, eng news
The investigating authorities in Primorye have completed an investigation of a criminal case against an employee Palo - Associate Professor of Business Administration School of Economics and...
New Public TV will cost the Russians to almost 2 billion rubles
15-05-2013, 09:20, eng news
The decree on the establishment of a Russian Public Television was signed in April 2012. The channel will broadcast 19 May 2013 and will perform educational functions......
26-06-2013, 21:15, eng news
On Tuesday, June 25 ZAO "Crocus International" transferred to OJSC "DVEUK" over 107600000 rubles of debt for the thermal energy consumed in January-May 2013 for the heating systems of Palo and other...
In Primorye State program
4-08-2013, 18:32, eng news
In Primorye State program "Promotion of Employment of Primorsky Territory for 2013-2017" will be amended. They relate to the possibility of training seniors wishing to pursue a career. As RIA...
Far scientists will search for new drugs in the Vietnamese seas
22-04-2013, 10:10, eng news
A team of scientists from several research institutes of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences sent to Vietnam on a vessel "Akademik Oparin"......
Three cars were burned in Vladivostok in the parking lot in the courtyard of the street Davydova
30-05-2013, 14:31, eng news
Last night in Vladivostok, in the yard of the house number 42 on the street Davydova fired just three avtomobilya.Ob the police said a resident of the house. Three cars burned in the parking lot in...
According to the decision of the Commission on Disaster Management and
19-08-2013, 14:01, eng news
According to the decision of the Commission on Disaster Management and Fire Safety Khabarovsk Territory, August 19-20 in the village of Ussuri, located on the island of Grand Ussuri, will be made off...
Water fireworks will open at 22 o'clock on September 7th most
6-09-2013, 00:31, eng news
Water fireworks will open at 22 o'clock on September 7 the brightest part of the program of the first international festival of fireworks. International Festival will be held in Vladivostok on the...

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